First timer GDP - Leaf Spotting/Curling Up

Thank you for your time.

Thus far I haven’t run into any significant issues. Would like to get ahead of this spotting and the leaf curling before it’s out of control. I have not started adding nutes and only have a short size grow tent which means light source has little room for movement. However, I do have options to make changes to where i have my set up and/or a larger tent. Will make the recommended changes you all suggest.

Any help would be appreciated. I started the grow exactly 1 month ago from a fem. seed purchased from Ilgm. No nutes. Feeding once a week until runoff. Full Spectrum LED lighting. 3000K-4000k.

My daughter said to add a few folks that have diagnosed issues for her in the past.
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Could be that the temperature is too hot. Maybe try moving the lights a bit further away. Also, make sure not to water them too much. Use fast draining soil with holes at the bottom to let excess water escape. Hope that helps!


Did you recently change the light or light intensity? Is the light far enough above the plants?

I’d be more concerned with the leaves canoeing and twisting away from the light because it’s too bright. The growth of the bottom branches is minimal so it seems to me they weren’t getting enough light previously.


honestly and take this with the “look into it” category of advice haha but it looks a little like heat stress to me with the cupping of the leaves and tips pointing a little bit upwards… what are the temps like in the tent when lights are on/off?
The other thing that pops into mind is root issues like someone else said those can give off all kinds of funky different leaf issues but if your just watering once a week it should be ok. what size container is it in? it might be time for a transplant to let the roots expand and help with the heat stress a little bit… more roots almost always +better plants.

if it was nute damage I’d expect a little browning or burning at the edges and if it was light stress I’d expect more yellowing of the leaves but heat makes them curl usually. Like I said though take my advice with a grain of salt I’m always asking people for help still when I have an issue that puzzles me.


I agree, that is from light being too close or too hot on the plants. If you notice the lower leaves are fine. Only the top leaves seem to be affected.

How high are the lights above the plant?
What is the temperature right at the top of the plant?

Good luck! :v::+1:t2::sunglasses:


Welcome to the community ! My first thoughts light to close you can see the leafs on the bottom of the plant are relaxed an ones on the top taco shell. Rolling up to protect thereself . :+1::v:


It’s a heat issue for sure need fans circulating air could also be roots and genetics. I got one sickly girl while the other of the same strain is doing way better. She seems to just be the sickly girl in the group regardless of what I do for her. Here’s my gorilla glue autos from here I’m pretty proud of her lol.


Wow! Thank you all so much for your feedback. This was totally helpful! My daughter has stepped in after reading the post and we changed some things around. The most notable changes:

  • the addition of the taller tent!

  • added another fan to keep temperature down

  • She gave me a LED light with red blue tones which is much different than the straight white light I was using. The light is now about 12 inches from the plant.

  • started adding nutes (General Hydroponics) weekly according to the packaging.

Please take a look at the photos. Do you have recommendations on pruning? Thinning out in certain areas…What do you think about the overall health of the plant? Check out the photo of the circled area of the plant. This is the very top of the plant. The leaves seem to start out this way and turn into full green leaves. I’m not concerned if you guys aren’t.

Once again, thank you very much!


Also, is there a general rule of thumb as to when to start the flowering stage? I’m about to dig back into the Bible but would also like to hear from some of you. Thanks.

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Pretty much figure double your size in height while also leaving room for at least 18-24” above your plant for light, exhaust fan and such.
Look great!


Thanks! Any thoughts on the few questions directly above the last set of photos?


For light questions I have to refer you to @dbrn32 there are plenty of others that can help in that area as well.
That is prob the most important factor when growing.

Can you tell us what kind and size light you have?

Maybe @Hellraiser @Watt-Sun @Mark0427 @CMichGrower @kellydans can give some tips on pruning/trimming your plants.

I’m pretty sure a lot of leaves will come out differently at times. As long as they unfold and look nice I don’t think it’ll be an issue.
Your plants are looking great. No need to panic by any stretch of imagination. :+1:t2:

Always, if you can, take pictures in some kind of natural light. It’s really hard to see the plants under blurple lights.


It is always ok to take a few leaves off an healthy plant, but it should be done with a purpose. The leaves are where all the magic takes place so taking off too many leaves can be counter productive.

If you want to remove a few leaves every day or two that would be ok, but at this point in the development the leaves that typically come off first are those on the bottom that start loosing luster because of age, and some bigger leaves in the middle to improve air circulation. Don’t start opening up bud sites or anything this point in the grow.

If you have a height problem you should probably flower right away. If you are getting a bigger tent you can wait longer.

How long have those plants in the last few photos been under the new blurple light? The leaves on top are canoeing again and I believe I see a hint of burning on the leaf tips. You may need to raise the height of the light.


Color of light is important, but not as important as having proper amount of light energy. Most of the people that know what they are doing would point you too more of a “white” over a “blurple”. But that has more to do with the efficiency of leds used and being properly sized for space than anything else.


(Leafs start out this way and turn into full green)
The new growth will be a lighter color green that’s normal. Also last picture plant nodes look to be close if you choose , you can raise your light a little to spread the Nodes out a bit. Good luck :+1::v:

Update. Hope I’m not too late.

My lady is going through a tough time. Please assist.

I’ve done quite a bit of reading and narrowed the issue down to either too many nutes or overwatering.

Several leaves are super dark in color and the droopy. Not wilted but droopy.

So, after reading so much I’ve just left her alone. I did attempt to LST a bit after our last conversation. However; a week after the LST, I switched to 12/12 to force flower since the height is now where we want her based on tent height…about 24 inches.

Again, since the dark green and droopy leaves appeared I’ve just been reading and staying hands off.

Should I…

Flush if you all suspect too many nutrients? (GH trio - 1 teaspoon each weekly/per gallon of h20)


Let her dry out if I’ve overwatered? Aerate with wooden stick to loosen up soil. Dang it. I’m in trouble. (Watering each Thursday and Sunday/one gallon at ph 6.0)

All responses are appreciated!

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Overall it looks ok.

If looking droopy and you only watering 1 gallon twice a week I think you need to see what happens if you give it more water, I don’t think 2 gallons a week for a healthy girl is enough.

My suggestion is to water until you get at least 1/2 gallon of runoff. Do it slowly, giving it 1 quart every 10-15 minutes so it soaks in and doesn’t run straight through. Keep track of the quantity of water it required to create runoff, it will give you an idea of how much water the plant can take at each watering.

Watering to runoff every week keeps buildup of salts from occurring in the first place. 10% runoff every watering can be a good practice.


Usually we would as you to check the ph and ppm of solution you’re giving to plant and then feed to reasonable amount of runoff and check the runoff ph and ppm. Do you have tools to do this? If so, check and report back. If not, watering suggestion above is probably a good idea anyway.


The ph of the runoff has been spot on at 6.0. There just isn’t much runoff at all. Again, we are using the cloth 5 gallon pots. This is checked each watering using the ph up and down kit. Unfortunately, I do not have a meter to check the soil. We also ensure the ph is spot on prior to watering at 6.0. We’re pretty meticulous about checking but please let us know your thoughts.


What kind of soil are you using? If you’re not getting much runoff just increase the amount of water you are giving. Ph 6.0 is probably alright for something like promix, but may be a little low for other potting soils.

You should also look into getting tds tester. Been a while since I purchased, but even the $15-20 models on Amazon would provide some reasonable data. Will help identify how strong the nutrient charge in soil is.