First timer/ First returns

Just wanted to share the first return on my first grow. Amnesia Haze is about ripe for the picking and I’m real happy with the results at 50 days. I kept things real simple: no topping, cropping, or LST. I did tuck fan leaves as I went and pruned the low forming shoots.

Northern Lights is coming in well. The leaves tell the story: a little heat stress early on, followed by a mild cal-mag deficiency, and some browned leaf tips from pushing a little too many nutes at one time. I managed to recover balance each time and learned a lot about what to do better next time.

White Widow has dwarfed the other two at 34 inches. This one has me wanting to try topping next time and perhaps even a SCROG grow.

My set up has a little bit of a ‘garage sale in my closet vibe’. All stuff I had laying around the house (except for the light and filter of course).

As soon as these are harvested I’ll re-vamp this configuration to improve circulation (heat buildup in the closet space has been an issue, average temp has been 81 degrees but topped out at 88 once or twice). Next time I’ll do a journal from the beginning so I can get some feedback as I go.

In the meantime, I’m really happy to be seeing some nice buds my first time out. Thanks to Robert’s Grow Bible and blogs. They have been an effective road map down some dark alleys and were my primary source for “how to” and “what now” questions.

all the best!


Looks great glad it all worked out good for you

Thanks man.

Nice results for sure…Hope mine goes as well :slightly_smiling:

Nice bro, job well done.

Very nice for a 1st time. Reminds me of my Earlier grows. Used the same posts and always got good result. :slight_smile:

Beautiful girls sir, just ordered pack of 3 Amnesia Haze from ILGM! Will be my first grow.