First Timer - First indoor grow. Please join my journey

Sweet harvest love that macro money shot!

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Congrats on the awesome looking harvest.


Tangie Dry/Cure Update and Smoke Report

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and anyone that cares to chime in…

So I am pleased to report that the Wedryer did what I had hoped for: a slow dry. After 6 days I trimmed and Grove bagged them even though they weren’t quite ready (68-70% RH, 15-16% moisture but family was coming for the weekend so I had to). I also put in a boveda 67 pack in each bag to be sure mold didn’t form. So I have been burping the bags and the humidity has been steadily coming down. As of today one of the bags is at 62. The others range from 64-66.
I have removed the boveda packs now as I think I don’t really need them as I will keep an eye out and burp the bags. Next time I will keep in Wedryer until moisture content is right on point 11-12%.

Final flower weight was (for me) a whopping 18.4 ounces! Haven’t weight the trim nor kief.

The smell from the flower is getting better every day - intense citrus aroma. The smoke just as I remember the weed I smoked that blessed me with a few seeds to get to this point. I feel lucky. It is a crisp clean high, energy boosting, focus enhancing smoke. The flavors you get are oh man so good!
I gave my weed guy some to try and he couldn’t believe the flavors and the high, lol!!

Below are some pics:

I couldn’t tag a bunch more peeps that have helped me along the way but a huge thanks to all that took the time to provide feedback during this grow. I will be doing my next grow soon and will tag you again!

Blessings and happy growing!


Awesome harvest!

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Nice harvest, great looking buds!

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Nice job! Sounds like a winner!


IKR, I let my weed guy get some of mine and he said it is better than the $10.00 a gram he can get. Nothin’ like having the best weed in town is there? LOL


Very nice and frosty!

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Congrats Bama, we’ll done brother. Send me a smoke report :joy:

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Nice haul brother! Happy Growin!

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Lol maybe if I don’t over dry my next batch, I’ll try this, but this round does not get sampled by weed guy
He’d just laugh :sob: