First Timer - First indoor grow. Please join my journey

I think so. I did 5 gallon fabric pots. It would be nice if you can get some cardboard and cover it with some reflective material (aluminum sheets?) to make walls. Surround you plants with these walls to help the light out and increase your DLI.

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ok, for the “reflective walls” should i use like tin foil, mylar, or white paint…ive heard white paint is best but dont know how true it is

If you are on budget get cheapest that works best for you.
Keep us posted

I believe in order of best to least is Mylar, White paint (bright,gloss) then tin foil.


prolly not the best but i could put these around en to help reflect a bit


Yes! That is the idea, that way you can get the most out of your light.

i added 2 led shop lights that my friend had to get a little more light on em…i know its some poor boy stuff but it looks as if itll do, got up this morning and the ladies are a lil more perky than they usually are


So it’s working already! Well done. You are making it work and it’s obvious you love your ladies. You’ll do great my friend, especially in this community. :clap::+1:


Over here @Newt
Thanks for your time!

Got it, thanks!

Time to top the clones. Felt bad for doing it lol.

I am not gonna train the mom I am keeping but the other two I started LST.

One of them broke skin when I bent it over in spite of having worked it a bit by bending back and forth gently. Not worried. She’ll be fine.

Any input or comments appreciated.

Thank you for your time and happy growing :grinning: :sunglasses::+1:


update: guess i still didnt think it all through and prolly wasted a week and a few seeds…i have just normal store bought soil and my autos leaves are all yellow… I’m pretty much screwed, i have no cash to get good soil for them

What kind of soil? Do you have some nutrients to add? Maybe some of the veterans will chime in.
Don’t give up!

def doesnt need nutes, i didnt know how sensitive autos were and i have some stupid MG potting mix

Oh…I wouldn’t worry to much. Feed it pHd water only and you may want to flush it a couple of times to lower soil nutes content.

Check out @Sigourney and @FullyMedicated they have grown in MG.

how do i flush it and not overwater it? ive only grown outdoors so overwater was much of any issue

On your next watering give it a number of gallons over the size of the pot. Like for my 5 gallon pots I flushed with 20 gallons. Lots of run off.

The soil will release the water it cannot hold. 5hen wait until plant is dried (pot should be noticeably lighter) to water again. Over watering is when you water when plant doesn’t need it.

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they had water today but im worried they will die before they need water again, indoor grow and no option of being in the sun to help dry out bc its gonna be raining a few days

i hope im jus worried for nothing, to be honest i had a bit of a tear in my eye when i seen the yellowing lmao

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