First timer finishing the 3 week flower clip

Hi all - believing in and following your wisdom about a major trim at 3 weeks of flower doesn’t make it any easier… Please let me know what I still need to do and what I could do differently/better next time. Hopefully I didn’t make any major mistakes.

As a side note, I was pathetic, I friggin kept apologizing to the budz to be as I lopped them off…hurts me as much as you kind of thing - hahaha

Thanks in advance!!

Starting line:



Blue Dream/GG (left/right)


Not another leaf taken now. Tuck instead rest of the way if was me. Tall girls. What is distance from lights? A supercrop might be in the works. Defoliating in flower is mostly for airflow. I know we want every bud to get max light but no fan leaves mean less solar energy used. That gg gonna get very heavy. Might need stakes soon. Healthy looking.


Just for reference…minor prune this girl. Kept her thick but for bottom where i cleared for air. Have not touched a leaf since preflower prune. Can go both ways.


Looking good Growmie, canopy height to light distance could be an issue and super cropping this far into flower wouldn’t be advised. If you can pull them over enough to get some distance from the light might prevent light burn and foxtails. Defoliation is good until Harvest :love_you_gesture:


Very nice lots of buds, At this point I think I would remove the net it’s not Serving much purpose maybe go with some bamboo sticks for support , would give you better access to work with your plants. Just my thought good luck !:v::+1:


Thank you! I’m always so glad I ask. I have the light issue fixed for now, it’s still got another foot or so and it’s about 8” from the tallest buds. The entire canopy is within normal limits for the PPFD chart, although some of the lower stuff is a bit low. The light has always been within 12-18” depending… hopefully we’ll start getting plump!

And, if I pull the net and go ahead with bamboo support - there will be more room. It seemed so necessary at this stage:

then I put a 2nd net up higher, and now I’ve recently been wondering what you just confirmed. In fact, after watching all of you, I’m not sure I needed one at all this time. Glad they were cheap :slight_smile: :wink:

Thanks again!