First-timer cruisin'


So, this is a brief synopsis of where I am and how I got there. I would like to document the remaining journey for all to see, as this is the exciting part. I hope you enjoy.

I’m a rookie and I know everyone is passionate about this; as am I. I invite any and all comments , advise and criticisms. If ya’ll don’t like this tell me and I’ll discontinue uploading. here goes…
DWC with bubblers. Two 15 gallon containers with 5 net pots and hydroton. (Didn’t expect all 13 to germinate) 4 bubblers per container.

Environment: 4’Lx9’Wx7’H shower stall. Pandafilm on walls
2 x KingLedblurple 1000 (actual 280w) apiece

On November 24, 2018: 13 Choc. Grl. Gd. #2 into ph’d and soaked rockwool. Lights off with humidity up to 92 percent and heat up to 88F for the next 18 hours.

18 hours later signs of several began to uncurl. The next day more were poking out. We had three that were stuck in the shells and we rescued them carefully. They immediately began to shoot up.

Within 4 days all 13 were up and strong. We dropped the humidity to around 60-75% with temperature ranging in the mid-70 to 80’s. Lights were approx. 34 inches away.

After 3 weeks we applied 1/10 nutrients and then began to gradually increase up to approx. 800 ppm over a period of a month. The ph was a problem for the first month until we could get best ph-down that would hold. (A nightmare of vinegar, lemon juice, Coke-cola…) Roockies I told you!

At 6 weeks we were ready to top as we wanted to get it over early because of the short grow period. Our idea was to get the big stunt over early

to be continued…


…So the progress was pretty smooth. They flourished after the topping and the branching began nicely.

I kept a light breeze on them and they stretched VERY little. The nodes were very tight. No problems to speak of. I had to put two three in dirt because I couldn’t acccomodate the extra three.

A few attempts at fimming thrown in.


On Feb 5, 2019 after 9 weeks of veg. we flipped the light schedule to 12/12 and introduced another light for bloom, supplementation: Cob Led of about 200W with a red bloom. The place really lit up.

With the helpful advise of some guys here I adjusted my lights for better coverage…
I shifted the nutes to bloom cycle and dropped down on the nitrogen.
Keeping ph between 5.6-6.2 the whole way. The ppm is still around 800-1000.
Temp is lower into the 70’s humidity is in 40’s… water temp upper 60’s

Uploading: 20190214_152238.jpg… Uploading: 20190215_130053.jpg… Uploading: 20190215_130119.jpg…

Out of the 13, we ended up with six (had to drop to 4 for legality:cry:)
One (we call her slim) is enormous. I’ll highlight her soon… She is super-promising and I ask your opinions.

They are filling out and joining all up the colas. Purple is coming into the flowers. Already seeing the dusting around the to-be buds. The smell is chocolaty and intense. Everything is dense. What do you guys think? They are supposed to flower for 8-10 weeks and this is week 3 1/2.



…So, it’s a bit haphazard because I wasn’t planning on posting this. If you people are interested I’ll continue this more up-to-date from here out and answer questions. Cheers!:smiley:


Looks well done for first attempt. Keep it up!


Looking real good keep up the good work waiting to see them buds fatten up


Thanks for the encouragement! They fatten my friends



Absolutely beautiful Can’t wait for an update