First Timer Bubblin' Hydro: School this Newbie!

The Grow here got to 100 days old today and I’ve loosely determined electrical costs to be 68 cents per day. That estimate is based on a this year vs last year comparison so it’ll take a cycle or two for the number to account for seasonal conditions but I hope it doesn’t go up much.

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But you are off setting the cost of buying weed. :yum: :wink:

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Let’s hope so because I just bought a bunch, I’m still two months away from a harvest that is only a hope as of yet. A good sale knocked on my door so I loaded up. Timing and what?

Electricity is just one line in a spreadsheet of costs that just add up to a hobby cost of yet. Once we have a yield, lovely that will be, we can offset costs.

I’ve gotten an extra high from eating a cake I’ve baked from scratch. I’m hoping the same sort of self-reliant euphoria is growing in my closet and what I bought today becomes house grind for unannounced guests.


Today’s pH check and top-off was done fairly quick, so I turned my attention to Oprah having four buds growing into the led panels. I have found myself more willing to handle the plants as I go along, but I hate disrupting the trichromes.

First of two bends:

2nd bend & a tuck. The tuck is the branch angling up right to left, the bend is growing straight up and takes a hard right out of view, behind a bud. These colas were not just touching the top panel light but that bulb in the background too. That was a main reason for taking action today, the supplemental light is open diode.

I was talking to an experienced grower who suggested I not let the plants touch the top panel. I had been allowing it though I knew better. I think she’s right, a thing can burn without looking or smelling burnt. Time is a factor when measuring the effects of heat and light and heat are related so don’t grow into the light!

This little tie down in the undergrowth pulled a couple colas together away from the lights. I’ll have to watch that it doesn’t cause too much clustering and hinder light or airflow elsewhere.

The left cola still touches but I have a plan to deal with that. There were four touching before, and I believe more of the plant is getting light now. I hope it has plenty of time to fatten up a little.


I’m really happy overall but I think they’re going to be a bit larfy. You really have to get some reps in to know just what to chop off and what to keep. With better plant management I think grow #2 will have a chance of bigger colas.


I’m also curious about the leaves. They don’t look as healthy as I’d like. The sugar leaves are small and curved, every leaf shows tip burn and there is abundant clawing. There are other abnormalities and examples of just unhappy looking leaves.

While tip burn and clawing are signs of too much nutrients, in every other aspect the signs to me look like pH issues, root issues, or over/under watering. My pH has been monitored and in range. I’m growing in hydro so it can’t be under watering but a lack of oxygen (overwatering) is still a suspect. Or there could be a root issue.

If there’s a root issue I literally can’t get at it. I would do more plant damage accessing the roots than I think I would improve. I peek in there and the color is good and I don’t feel slime. I’m planning on creating better root access for subsequent grows but it’s an issue now. Hydroguard and a healthy bubbling system will have to do.

And I think they are. I’ve also made an effort to chill my reservoir water. Tonight I emptied the basin with the plants photographed above and flushed it with a double tap. First I just filled it the basin back up with tap water, dechlorinated but not pH’d, I’m draining it in ten minutes, ran the pump for ten minutes and re-drained it.

Then I let the girls sit dry for close to an hour before I filled the basin with pH’d tap, Ppm 140, temp about sixty degrees. They’ll get that for a day or two just to see if things liven up.

I don’t think the plant is under fed, so I’m checking over fed. While changing the water today, I peeled back some of the duct tape that covers openings for other plants in my basin and poured water in those holes. I’m hoping this will be just different enough to get some oxygen where there was none and see these girls have some spunk in their last few weeks.


They look fantastic. Nice cropping too! Congrats on these beautiful girls :muscle::cowboy_hat_face:

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You’re right. I took the girls out for a haircut and a milkshake. Full fat.


Imagine a hydroponics system with an unlimited supply of oxygenated water, the reservoir is at least a few feet deep. Would the roots float on/near the top of the water like an iceberg or would they grow towards and then settle at the bottom?

I have a lists of things to do, things to improve, and I compiled a list of five things I can do to improve Grow 2:

  1. grow just one plant per reservoir
  2. grow just one strain
  3. train to eight colas per plant
  4. flip to flower at 12 inches
  5. train each cola to its top 6-10”

I might break a cola or two in training but otherwise this is achievable. This should make managing my reservoirs and my airflow easier.

The tough thing now is that I really don’t know what I’m looking at. I’ve squeezed beautiful buds up top and they feel soft and I’ve cut larf off the bottom and been surprised by its substance. I don’t know how much they’re going to fatten up, when they’re going to turn amber, or how much they’re going to shrivel as they lose their water weight n the dry cure process.

It’ll probably be into my third harvest before I have any perspective, it’s just things that need to be learned. These five things are pretty much can-do’s but #3 was part of Grow 1 and proved to have a learning curve.

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Here they are today:

At this point I’ve had the buds on stage right not touching the lights for several days now, so I don’t expect they’ll grow into them again.

Every tip in the house shows nute burn, so I lessened the feed a slight bit thinking of the P K aspects, because those were the primary tip burners on the toxicity chart. Where yesterday I made a gallon top off and added:
1ml armor Si, 3ml cal/mag, 5ml flora micro, 7ml flora grow, and 9ml flora bloom, today I added, in ml, 1, 2, 3, 5, & 7 respectively. This brought the ppms down from 1100 to 840, more in line with an Aero grow.

That mix tends to be 6.5-7 pH which makes it a nice additive to my reservoir that has consistently gone acidic in the flowering stage. They’re drinking the water so I assume it’s working out but I’m looking, as a grower, for happier looking leaves on stage left.


Those are looking good! Happy growing!

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On the list of harder things to do:

  1. flush/feed when top off volume = reservoir capacity (2 gallons)
  2. organize data on a prepared spreadsheet
  3. spend less time looking at the plants

#2 in all likelihood won’t happen and #3 probably shouldn’t as it’s my second grow and a lot of observation need occur. The problem with #2 is focus & discipline. Even though I understand the value of data I’m not sure I’ll ever review my notes so chances are note taking will lapse. It’s still a good habit.

#1 also requires more accuracy and discipline than I’d prefer but I think it’s necessary to truly understand my system. A mantra I’ve read for DWC is that once you’ve topped off your reservoir with the same volume as it’s original capacity, you flush/feed. Doing this and keeping track of this, will help me also gain a better understanding of what’s happening in the reservoir.

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Thank you! I noticed your harvest and liked. It made me nervous though as I’m just a couple weeks behind you, not even. I see all sorts of brown pistils but no amber trichs yet. I’m completely stoked in an ignorant way for my first harvest.

Sorry, I forget, was your harvest autos or any sort of fast producing strain?

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Nope. Kandy Kush and Girl Scout Cookies, both photos. If there’s one thing that surprised me the most about harvesting, was how bad my back hurt after a few hours. I ended up doing about half of my trimming while standing, which seemed to help. Best advice, get comfortable! :wink:


Is this bud foxtailing?

Potential problem: my reservoir has receptacles for twelve plants so I taped up ten of them. It appears the white duct tape allows enough light for some algae to form.

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