First Timer - B's Indoor Autos Journal

Just use tap water with calmag in it. Do like id say 4 gal of water prolly 15 ml of calmag ph water jeep ur readings before water write down ppm and ph before then after and make sure to water slowly vet everything slow and even so water can soak thru soil not tunnel thru. Soak it down good let it sit a bit then soak it more. Try and catch the first bits of runoff as it will be most accurate

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If ur 3 weeks or over tho id say go ahead and put a half dose in them if that looks ok next time take it up to 3/4. If ok then move to full dose so u got buds g etting all they need

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Sounds like a plan. I’ll be at 3 weeks on Tuesday. Depending on outcome of runoff tests I’ll start adding 1/2 doses after the 3 week mark and incrementally increase from there

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Almost 7 weeks from sprout but been getting full doses of jacks for 4 or 5 weeks now. I also add xtras in too liquid kool bloom flower fuel. Bio root kelp extract humic acid. Tribus original. And once a mo th im gon a hit them with just recharge water. Recharge works wonders buddy. Pick some up and try it. U wont regret it.

Beat mo ey ive spent so far was this recharge.

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Looking great!! I’ll check out the recharge for sure

How old when you first ran the recharge through?

And what type of soil do you use?

Some plants were 3 weeks some month and a half. And this time its ffof and coco mixed

Started week 6 yesterday and things are progressing nicely… for two of three girls. Blueberry is lagging behind a bit and she’s been stuck in pre-flower for almost 2 weeks. She’s also got some twisting of the leaves on all the new growth (First pic below). Any ideas on what could be going on with her? Feeding all three every other watering FF Big Bloom - 2 tsp/gal; FF Grow Big - 1.5 tsp/gal; FF Tiger Bloom - 1.5 tsp/gal; Cal-Mag Plus - 1 tsp/gal. Lights are on 20/4. Temp 78F, Humidity 60%


Amnesia Haze, Blueberry, Northern Lights

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All my BB autos are at least a week or two behind my WW auto and my AHaze auto, I wouldn’t worry to much about it. The plants look really good to me, one of the other guys that know more may know something about the twisted part but I wouldn’t worry about it. Also just for growth wise the plants I topped have 4-5 nice top buds, the ones I just let grow only have one, but the ones that I just tied the top over to the side of the put have ten and 12 nice top bud sites. Something to think about once they really get going.

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The left is my BB the right is my WW they are like 54-56 days from seed I think.

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Right on. Thanks for the insight! I’m not terribly worried at the moment about the flowering as I know they all do things on their own timeline. That’s great to hear your success with training. I decided to just do some light defol and skirting this grow. The leaves are a mystery. If there’s something I’m doing or not doing to cause it, would be good to know. Thanks again for the info! @Coen3440

Yea I was not planing on doing any training other than I topped two out of 15 just to compare, but then I had 4 that were way taller than the rest, so i bent them over and tied them down. And I know for a fact that all of my ones in veg right now are going to get LST this time when they are big enough