First timer, auto flower LSD, HLG 600rspec, coco coir, perfect pH nutes grow bloom micro magcal

I’m in an uninsulated barn with a space heater and my light. That’s it. Humidity hardly gets above 35. Temp sometimes is low 50’s. I’m 4 weeks in. They hit dirt on 11/23. Did 24 hr’s light from 12/1-12/20 on accident. Didnt realize my timer wasn’t working. Any suggestions? Comments? Thoughts and opinions on my progress? Appreciate it


If you have a half decent android phone download the photone app and get a dli of 45-60 with 20 hours lights a day, you’re just now hitting the stretch phase so you should be feeding at 6.5 then in 2-3 weeks in post stretch go up to 6.7, run a humidifier 24/7 for better rh. Overall not to bad for a first time, you should be proud.


Keep that coco wetter. If u see drying out on the top give it some food or water. U’ll see a huge growth spike watering and not letting it dry out at all plus u will keep any unwanted bugs away keeping It wet always. Other than it seems like u have a hang on it


Thanks appreciate the advice!

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Thanks just downloaded and checked. I’m between 55-60 dli at canopy of each plant. Appreciate the comments!


Should I be doing any LST since these are so bushy??? Or leave it alone?

U can if u choose to. Just tie off a string around a stalk and tie off to the side of the pot to open up the center a bit. Leave a nice loose loop around the stalk so u don’t choke it out with the string u’ll see a massive growth spurt opening it up some

Cool thanks. I’m going to give it a shot. I was just worried with it being autoflower that it may go into a shock phase for day or two and you don’t have time to waste with autoflower from what I hear.

Oh wow I totally missed the coco coir part of the title duh then let me change the ph to 6.0 now and 6.2 post stretch

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I haven’t even checked the pH level once because I’m using perfect pH nutrients hopefully that’s okay LOL

Hey guys quick question, I have 1 out of 5 plants that looks completely different. It has turned purple and buds fuller than all the other plants. I feel like this one flipped to bloom before the other ones? Maybe?

The rest look like this… Lighter green and yellowish flower

Well that 1st one is more mature then the rest, most pots don’t get their color change until they start the bulking phase, also color change is a dice roll sometime it triggers and sometimes it doesn’t and sometimes it needs colder nights to trigger , give them 2-3 more weeks and they may color up

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