First Timer..Any suggestions

I started growing for the first time. I planted 40 Random Seeds. Only 10 popped. I gave 3 away…threw some away because they weren’t growing like some of the others. All said and done. I have 3 plants that have been sexed female…I researched different training and topping techniques. Each plant has been trained and topped differently.
How do they look?


They look good see you got a ladder next to your plant hoping for monsters


Looks nice

Looks awesome…you gonna need to support em soon :star_struck::facepunch:t2:

I would always recommend topping. also saves your arms since you won’t be reaching up for pruning later.

Yes outdoors means the plants will have tons of stored energy to where pruning isn’t as necessary. But this is where recent studies in DLI basically negate that statement. stored energy is useless if they get the same dli everyday… Also that energy does go to remaining vegetative growth it hasn’t decided it’s done with yet. Even though it could be and only focusing on them big beautiful buds. As the newest research shows, we can now control every parameter… so what was considered gold 5 years ago isn’t necessarily beneficial anymore, unless you are operating at that level. Since we can now alter the other factors that held it back with ease.

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Looking real nice :ok_hand: