First timer again could use some Tricomb clarification (prep for harvest)


I don’t really have any first hand knowledge with it being that low is what I meant. Once you hit about mid flowering stage, I know low is better than high. But that’s about it. Hopefully one of the others can provide more insight.


@dowencarson I would kill for humidity that low during the last stages. Supposedly brings out more resin. The plant produces more in an attempt to keep moisture in the leaves. I can say that it does work, because I was in flowering, and I didn’t get a dehumidifier until the last two weeks, but I swear I saw the things get fuzzier. Almost an overnight difference after I lowered humidity from 85% or more.


Wow10-4 24% here we go


They look really nice, especially in normal light!


Ok so when time comes to pull them out of thier container do i trim and then hang or just hang it. And does it need to be hung in the dark to dry or can i hang it in the grow room while i get next bunch going. Kinda got a shortage on dry dark places that a 13,9,7yr
old wont stick thier noses in. @dbrn32 @Covertgrower @bob31 @M4ur


I have the same problem @dowencarson I would suggest a box in the grow tent if you can get one to fit. Dark helps break tbe chlorophyll down sooner. I put a small fan blowing into the box . I’m sure some light got in, but it wasn’t direct light. When I trimmed mine, I trimmed in the tent with the carbon filter trimming is extremely fragrant. I wet trimmed all of the flowers, and let them dry on a plate. I didn’t hang them. Growers preference.


I know this is a lot of information but you need to read this stuff :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Read the part about splitting the stem (or all)

This is how people dry their products :sunglasses:

If you have enough to store that :disappointed:

If you have any questions or need help please let me know!
PS I wach a lot of videos on YouTube about "how to…weed":+1:


@bob31 Thank you. That was perfect, great pictures.


Unfortunately that’s exactly what you want. Cool, dark, and dry lol. Going through those guides that @M4ur posted should help you out. I don’t know the there’s a wrong way to harvest your plants. But you can certainly be successful multiple different ways. The most common is to cut the individual bud holding branches off. You’ll give them a quick trim and hang them to dry. Once the smaller stems start to snap when you bend them, you’ll remove the buds from branches and give them a final manicure. Then begin the curing th process.

Several members hav alternative methods of drying that may fit your needs a little better. Hopefully they’ll be by to give you some insight. I believe @bob31 and @ktreez420 use a cardboard box or paper grocery bag method that may be a good option considering your situation.


I have purchased 10 one lb cure vaults with the boveda packs 2- way humidity control that i will be using after i get done hanging


@M4ur thanks for the reading material i have read it i like it all except the microwave advice or the stove that doesnt seem like a good idea to me have you done that


@Covertgrower hey buddy on this box you built in your tent, how do you mean. Dimensions i dont have a tent i have a cement cellar (tornado shelter buried in the ground 7 feet it measures 12’ long x 6’ tall x 7’ wide so i could hang a tarp in say the back 3 feet of this room (black one) for maxximum darkness and i could trim and hang them in there but ive got 20 WWA WAITING ON THESE TO GET OUT OF THE WAY BUT I RAISE THE HUMIDITY TO 75% and swap everything to MH LIGHTS THAT HUMIDITY WILL MAKE MY DRY TIMES OUT OF THIS WORLD RIGHT


Ok @Covertgrower if its only 7-10 days to dry them then cool i will just shut it down only keep my ascelating fan and ceramic heater on let them dry good then ill fire off the widow. That way i have plenty of room to hang all 16 of these BEAUTIES ILL TAKE INDIVIDUALS OF EACH ONE EVERYTHING I GROW WILL BE ILGM STRAINS IN ORGANIC KINDSOIL (KINDBUD)…


Hope nobody minds the pics im playing with the lenses for this IPHONE SEs camera AND SOME DIFFERENT APPS.



@dowencarson I meant just a cardboard box. Affordable and disposable. It’s what I used. Hope that clarifies things.


Just if I really need to try it but natural dry is the only way


I use the paperbags and both methods work great if you don’t have the cool, dry and dark place to hang them!



My god man, how many plants are you growing???


Ok heres pics from today everything looks fine ive given them 7ml of CAL-mag plus on the past two waterings all seem to be alot more alert and vivid still got one that not sure about all 5 of the others healed up in couple days business as usual but this one just looks sick i dont have a good pic of it either once yougens go to bed ill get a good one for yall she is still flowering but very slowly no hairs sticking up or out all are just laying flat down @dbrn32 @Covertgrower @bob31 @Countryboyjvd1971