First Timer, Advice on Auto Harvesting

  • What strain: 2 Autos: White widow
  • Method: Soil
  • Vessels: Vivosun fabric grow pots 7 gallons
  • PH of Water: roughly 6.5
  • PPM/TDS: N/A
  • Indoor or Outdoor: Indoor 5x5x8 Vivosun grow tent
  • Light system: Spider Farmer 4000
  • Temps: pretty much in line with outdoor temps
  • Humidity: 45%ish
  • Ventilation system; Yes: 2 AC Infinnity 6in fans (1 intake 1 exhaust)
  • De-humidifier
  • Co2: No

Good Afternoon Farmers!
First timer here. I’ve read just about ALL of the information out there (when to harvest based on pistils, trichromes etc) The thing I am lacking is expirence…sooo…

I am turning to you farmers! :slight_smile:
These are the crops. The 2 White Widows are in the lower left corner…Im hoping to harvest soon so that will free up the extra space

Here is one White Widow that, correct me if im wrong, has some slight light burn on the leaves (raised up the light after I saw this)

Here is the second white widow auto. The leaves look a lot better than the first white widow.

This bud is located towards the bottom of white widow number 2 and here is an attempt to take a picture of the tricomes through a jewelers loup.

And here is a picture of the bud from the light burned white widow

Ok, no more pictures now. I believe I started the flushing process a little early. I believe it has been 2 or 3 weeks with just pH adjusted water. We are entering week 12 (so 9 weeks of veg under 18-6 light and we’ve spent the last 2 weeks in flower under (12-12). The rest of the plants are on 12-12…so the white widows have been on 12-12 for 2 full weeks now (I know they don’t have to be…but I though these would be done before I switched the rest of the plants to 12-12).

So I’m looking for advice! I have a second tent which I will use to dry and harvest. I’ve been waiting for most of the pistils to turn brown (seems like its taking forever).
MY PLAN IS Once the trichomes are just about ready, place the white widows in the 2nd tent for 48 hours of darkness. Then preform some wet trimming by removing the large fan leaves. Dry and cure for 2 weeks then enjoy.

Please, I welcome any and all advice, comments or criticism. I am looking for a more head and mind experience from the white widows. I think thats plenty of information…if i’ve forgotten anything just ask!

Also… with fabric pots…has anyone NOT been able to water till run-off? It seems like the fabric would absorb and retain all that extra run off, thoughts?


There are still a lot of white pistils probably 3 or 4 weeks


3 or 4 weeks…for these autos?

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This is my fist grow of white widow
Very simple plant to grow fist photo is 14days second is end of third week
The small plant was put in because I didn’t think it was going to make it it was the size of a sesame seed both we’re put in wet paper towel both sprouted same time planted in growing pot
Both are doing fantastic I work out of town they get watered mon morning my wife checks them wendsdays and waters I get home fri and water using only 3month miracle-grow
Seem to be growing fine
Let me know what y’all think

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Welcome to the community ! I wish I could say ready to harvest but, you still have several weeks to go. Keep taking care of them let those buds fatten up they put on the most weight last couple weeks. Good luck

Welcome to the community ! nice plants I would separate plants one plant in each pot before they get any bigger. They will be competing for space. Good luck

I had a buddy say the same thing but after doing a bit of research on autos I don’t want to shock it this late in the game
I think I’m go to chance it As fast as they are growing I’ll try tying the big one back in a week
Been turning the pot when home I guess this is more of a experiment being the first grow hopefully it will work out
Been reading a lot of post lots of good info

knock off a bud dry it and smoke it. white widow was tricky for me to judge