First timer about to start out

When I’ve put the seed directly in the medium I’ve had the fastest and best results. start in the red solo cup and transplanted into 4gal fabric pot. I only have so much head room in my tent so I picked 4 gal pots. If I was growing bigger plants I’d use bigger pots. Simple. I use plastic baggies also with a few holes I make with a tac. Put them over the solo cups when germinating your seeds to keep humidity up. Also spray the inside of the bags before putting them on. If the condensation from the bag evaporates u need to spray again

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This is my set up, any advice? Anything wrong?

I’m germinating my seeds right now. I have 10 3 gal fabric pots that came with my grow kit. Is 3 gal big enough? Do I need to go bigger?
I’m using clear 16oz solo cups for seedlings to start out with. I plan to use Foxfarm ocean blend soil in the 16 ounce solo cup and the 3 gallon fabric pots. Am I starting this proper? Do I need to adjust? All help welcome. I got 2 days at most before I have to get seeds into a medium.


This is my grow tent

This is the Strain I’m germinating now and getting ready to grow.

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Ocean can be a little hot. Happy frog is what a lot of us start seedlings in. A lot just use happy frog throughout. Just two weeks of feed difference. With ocean you’ll have to feed after about 5 weeks, with frog 3 weeks. And you’ll want a colored cup for your clear cup to sit in when you aren’t looking at the roots. They don’t like light.

You can do it in 3 gallon sure. If you want to grow a large plant I’d get 7 gallon at least tho. 5 gallon works good too, just takes more frequent watering, more work, late flower.

Since your germinating you’re gonna start in OF I assume. Which is fine. lots of people do that too. Say it’s noticible sometimes, but lives fine.

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I’ve had some pretty good success so far with MG. Hot soils are touchy but can work.

The fox farms soils are great. It’s just noted that happy frog is their germination/seedling soil, not hot. Ocean forest is there hotter soil but still made for this purpose, just not as gentle as happy frog.

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Fox Farm Light Warrior is their recommended germination/seedling soil before transplant. I grow in coco myself, but house next door is soil. Bro has great results with Light Warrior to start, then 50/50 Light Warrior/Ocean Floor, Fox Farm nutrients.

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Happy frog is fine from gemination to finish, what hellraiser used before he went coco too.its just easier. I’m very minimalist.

Understand, as in all things grow related it’s personal preference . . . just commented because Happy Frog is not the germ/seedling soil recommended by Fox Farm

So all ten seeds popped. Got small tails. How big should I let the roots grow before planting in Foxfarm ocean blend soil?
No time to change medium. Will fox farm work?
Says 30 days of nutrition do I need to add the bottled nutrients or just water?

Will my MH bulbs work for my little seedlings?

What is MG?

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Miracle grow soil. Lol

Tips for getting on my feet? Special soil?

Can anyone tell me if I can use my 600w MH lighting for both the photo period and the veg? I do not have a cfl light and no time to order one. My seeds are going into clear solo cups inserted into red solo cups.

Mh covers a wide spectrum of light and is generally used for veg while switching to hps for flower.

That being said you can use it for both veg and flower

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@dbrn32 wanna add anything to this?

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I have HPS for flowering. But didn’t know I need extra lights for the photo portion. That’s why I am wondering if the HM will do the trick and how far the light will need to be

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