First timer 6 days old



Side view for the little one. Next pic is side view of “Stars”


Stars is ready for nutes yay! The little one has a little bit to go but should be coming along shortly. I’d start at 1/4 the recommended dose. What nutes are u using?
Lookin good your doin great :metal:


@Redeyedranger I’m using Sensi Grow and Bloom 2 part. Stars I don’t think needs any water yet. She still is kinda wet yet. Still heavier than Little one. (I think I’ll just call her Little one :slight_smile:) So do I feed her yet or wait a day or two??


Wait till she’s a little drier to feed.


I would not feed yet. The cots dying and falling off would b an indicator except u are in a hotter soil that has nutes. You won’t need to use nutes for a few weeks. @raustin uses FF she may know better how many days charge it has.

I use a mix of NFTG #4, vermifire and roots organics. It takes me 38 days charge to need nutes and sometimes longer. Worst thing to do with these plants is to love them to death. Much easier to overdo than under.

As far as using promix for a beginner I would HIGHLY recommend AGAINST it. For these reasons.

You have to b able to read your plants needs
You have to babysit the plants everyday. Coco needs to b watered and fed constantly.
You are not comfortable enough with a nute line yet to know how to make corrections.

I also use AN nutes and I do recommend them for beginners Bc they ph your water perfect every time. If u use them according to the schedule your ph will never falter.

Your plants are looking great. Don’t overthink it. It’s a weed, they like to grow

Good luck and happy growing


Could you help some of us beginners out with those acronyms? What do these stand for?

I know FF=Fox Farms
Some bulletin boards have a translator that automatically converts acronyms to their proper wording… I wish this one did did!


NFTG = Nector for the Gods, and AN is Advanced Nutrients.


This dumb thing makes me type a minimum number of characters just so I can say the word…



Use an emoji and u don’t have to type much


@Justgrowin what do you mean when you talk about “a charge”?? I use Advanced Nutrients Sensi Grow / Sensi Bloom this is PH perfect 2 part. For my next grow in going to try NFTG.


Soils that have nutes are called charged. Different soils have various amounts of charge. I know NFTG #4 has a 35 day charge. Meaning U need no nutes for that long after your cots fall off.


Remember, rising humidity at night doesn’t necessarily mean your tent actually has more humidity, it just means your tent is cooler at night. Warm air holds more moisture, cold air holds less.


Weekly update, I gave first feeding (well a spray to get the dirt wet) 2 days ago to Stars. Everything else is the same. Warm temps low humidity and I think lookin good.


Why won’t they grow any taller?? Very short and compact. The main leaves are huge but the growth under them is so minimal. Is there a problem that I am not seeing?? Everything is normal. The lights are about 19 inches away. PH is good.


She looks perfectly healthy to me :facepunch: When they’re small like that they’re concentrating on root growth. She’s trying to fill that big ol pot :+1: it’ll stretch I promise :wink: besides you want short node spacing
What’s with the water on the leaves?


Move your light up to 24", that will get the nodes better spaced and give her some height.


@Redeyedranger I was told, by another grower from around where I live, that after the lights go out it’s good to spray them (to imitate rain) once every 2 or 3 feedings after they have 4 sets of leaves.?? Is this not ok to do?? @raustin I have another plant in the tent as well and that one is about 3 to 4 inches taller than my 2. He wants them to stop the growth up and start working on the leaves growth. Its the exact opposite of what mine are doing. His are growing straight up and mine are bushing out. Any advice??


Spraying the leaves is okay for a foliar feed but early in the plants day so it dries off before the drops can magnify the light burning the leaves. Spraying at night is an invitation for mold. Plants are respirating at night and trying to rid water. That’s why your humidity goes up during lights out.
Short answer is you don’t need to spray the leaves. In this case I believe it causes more harm than good.
Your little girl looks great like she is but if you want it stretched raise the light like @raustin recommended or dim the light if that’s possible.
Hope that helps. Happy growing :v:


If you want them to grow bushy, then lower the lights. If you want them to grow up then raise the lights.


@Redeyedranger ok. That makes sense. I will not spray them anymore especially at night then. Thank you.