First timer 5x9 Gorilla, 2200w!

This is my first grow. I started with18 seeds and down to 12. 6 Males. Not a bad ratio. I veg with 2-600w, and now flowering with 1-1000w for a total of 2200w. I’ve been dealing with issues and they have been forgiving. My biggest fiasco was feeding them bloom without flushing the veg. They’re recovering and forgiving.

I never flush my plants for transition. I do not think that is what caused your forgiving issues. Glad to hear about your ongoing success, however. Peace

Growing methods and styles are like diets; They all work, just not for everyone. I feel comfortable flushing on occasions and prior to transition. I would stop feeding prior to inducing flowering with a decent flush with low nutes on the next one. That way I know exactly what my crop is taking up.

By the way, I’m doing this in my garage. I redid the walls and ceiling for some sealant and wired it myself. The same HVAC buddy does electrical also.