First timer! 5x5 tent grow

Yes sir… this site is amazing all the info you need and actual (friendly) people throwing ideas and pointers I call that a win win brother. Only problem with this site is I can’t stop reading threads I’m hooked and it’s getting serious lol


I’d call that a good problem tho

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Looks like a solid first order! I personally like the idea of 2- 400W light better because you can space the light in the tent a little bit more, but the wattage should pretty close to what you need. I think the intake/ exhaust looks good- should allow you to maintain a negative pressure in the tent with the built in speed controller. The tent I think is a more manageable size for someone just getting started. I don’t know if you plan on doing more than 4 plants out the gate.

It looks like you have 7.0 calibration solution in your cart- that is good for calibrating a PH meter (I didn’t see that in your order- but you might want to add that in). You’ll want pH up and pH down to (a red and blue bottle)- I think the same company makes it.

I don’t know much abort CO2 but I don’t believe it is 100% necessary- but if you want you can totally have that in there as well.

If you haven’t ordered seeds yet I would recommend ordering some Autos from ILGM because they are easier for a first timer and also flower much quicker giving your friend a stash faster. You can always order some autos and photos and use the crop from the autos to tide you over until the photos are done.

Also just want to say that I think it’s totally rad what you are doing for your buddy- whatever I can do to help just let me know.



Are you going to grow autos, or Photos?
Three gallon pots are fine for autos, but will need 5 gallon pots if growing photos.

Probably don’t need the CO2 Bags. Most here don’t use them.

Depending on how many plants your going to start with, that wont be nearly enough FF Ocean Forest. Also you will want FF Happy Frog to start your seedlings in. I suggest looking around locally to buy the soil. I get it for less then half price locally then on amazon or eBay.

Your also going to need a PH pen and a PPM pen.

I use two of the 6" in-line booster fans in my 3x3 tent and get plenty of air flow. One for in-take, one for exhaust. (the $23.99 one you have listed. The more expensive one is not needed in my opinion.



the stuff you will learn is crazy good if you ever have any questions just put the @ sign in front of name there is always someone willing to make sure you are successful from start to harvest glad to have you if your looking for great nutrients try the flower power amazing stuff

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I would go with the appolo 390 CFM for your exhaust fan. But you could also get the Ven tech for your intake fan. So the appolo would attach to your carbon filter.
Don’t forget to get some vent tune as well.

You can actually buy the entire setup as a package on amazon that includes the exhaust fan carbon filter and variable speed controller.

3 gallon grow bags are good for autoflowers but if you are growing photo period plants (meaning you have to change the light cycle) you will want a 5 gallon pot minimum. The bigger the pot the bigger the plant. :+1:

Thank you fellas got everything that was mentioned.I was reading couple threads that said a ppm meter wouldn’t be needed in a soil grow, lol I got it anyway @Rugar89 (your threads are very informative so I’m taking your advice) but with the ppm do I just add there recommend nutrients for that week till I get a good range of ppm. I’m going to be using flower power nutrients if that makes a difference.

And thank you @Ray4x I will for sure be asking I’m sure thanks bro


The PPM meter is needed to measure run off and compare it to the manufactures feeding schedule. I think it’s most important to have a PH meter though. You can find a combo pack on amazon for like $20.

If using flower power nutrients (good choice by the way) I would get a ppm meter. There feeding schedule breaks down the doasage into EC or by grams. Meaning the Amount of flower power per liter of water you will need will be measured either by using a PPM meter or by weight (per gram).
A PPM Meter is a good thing to have on hand to be sure you are feeding correctly Regardless of soil or hydro. And as @Ray4x stated it’s good to check the runoff with it as well to ensure you are in the correct range.


I use both meters as well. @Ray4x @Crackindaflesh all solid recommendations.

Don’t want to muddy the waters but the TDS and pH meter are the first things you should buy and the highest priority!

ph up
ph down
7.0 calibration fluid
calibration fluid for TDS meter

I own a 400w Roleadro COB Light. just put it into use a few days ago. List looks solid

I’d hold off on the co2 as well for now.

By the happy frog or ocean forest locally or generic potting soil with perlite and without fertilizer

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Found soil locally 10 bucks cheaperror still ocean forest how much perlite would you suggest I add? Guy at the garden shop said very little if any being ocean forest comes with perlite in it

You will want to add an inline carbon filter to your fan and controller. FWIW I went with 4".

Welcome to ILGM!

Guy also said I wouldn’t even need nutrients with this soil is he off his rocker?

Is that different then the carbon filter earlier up in the thread @Sl1

I have this in 4".

I grow in a basement in a 2 x 4 x 5 tent , my humidity isn’t too bad - the 4" with the controller set to low will keep my tent at 40-55% humidity, which is the sweet spot for vegging/flowering.


I think @RL1 is just making sure you get a filter. But I believe that you already had a 6" carbon on your list so you should be good. What kind of fox farms is it? Ocean forest or happy frog?

Ocean forest does come with some nutes already in it and you won’t need any to begin with. I do know some people on here that grow exclusively with FFOF and just pH water so it could totally be done. Myself, I’m using FFOF for now with no perlite in it (perlite is used for drainage mostly). I plan on using nutes once I hit Veg state.

I have a grow journal going as well. Want me to tag you in?

Please @Ray4x

Here you go!

Yup- sorry - must have missed the carbon filter on your list! You’ll need it for the odor!