First Timer, 5x5, SF-4000, Advice Appreciated

Long time enthusiast, first time grower. On a budget but don’t like to half a** it so I bought a 5x5 vivosun tent and a well recommended spiderfarmer SF-4000. I’ve been doing lots of research but I feel like this is where I need to be. Lots of questions. Main ones being ventilation and any knowledge pertaining to the SF-4000 specifically. I plan to run a carbon filter and the tent is in a conditioned space, wasn’t sure if I should run two inline fans or not. Have been looking at the AC Infinity Cloudline Series and they look pretty promising so debating on what size(s) to get

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Gets in the high 80s with my 4x4 tent using sf4000. Going to move the light drivers to outside the tent so temps remain in mid 70s. Happy Growing :fist:t4:

also I recommend going with the t6 infinity or above as i have the t4 and im not sure if it sucks literally or not…TBD

That’s a pretty slick idea. Thanks for the quick response! I originally bought a vivosun 4" (impulsively) but after doing more research I bought the T8. Definitely more than what I need but I’ll end up buying a bigger tent in the future, plus it’s quieter since it can run at a lower speed. With that fan and it being in a conditioned space, I wouldn’t need a second inline fan would I?

I leave my tent open to the rest of the room (walk in closet) which stables my temps around 70-77. But Ima try this driver relocation method and let yall know. Also I have the t4 and like I said idk if its doing what its supposed to but I will find out haha.

Did you dim your light or use it straight out of the box?

Hey again :hugs: by the way do you have exhaust or any inline/air circulation in the tent? What’s your light cycle? I’ve had my sf2000 on 247 for the past 2.5weeks and my tents only hit temps of 78 max. I’m guessing the bigger led gets hotter especially without the dimmer. I’m just curious what setup you got.
I’m running the SF-2000 in a 2x4x5. Exhaust fan through chimney going INTO filter (no room in tent) running 247. I have intake flap at bottom open plus a 6in clip fan.
To clarify I run a Jetstream 4inch exhaust fan with a dimmer knob at half speed for the moment and it holds temp of 74-77° F and RH 45-51

My bad it’s this fan. Don’t have the box anymore it’s the PHAT Fan and a PHAT Filter for fan/filter combo

Straight out the box light was 3 ft above seedlings…at first. Then move them closer as they get older.

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It is a better intake fan than it is an exhaust.

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Hey @BooBooDaFoo My Setup is as follows:
Secret Jardin DR160? 4x4x6.5 Tent
SpiderFarmer SF-4000
AC Infinity T4 with Vivosun 4 in. Filter ( set to come on if temps reach above 77 F) (needing a T6 or higher cuz the T4 blows ass)
2 Humidifiers - All Hooked up to a Titan Controls Saturn 5 on an 18/6 light cycle
2 Six inch clips on fans blowing constantly (1 at plants the other at led ballasts)
Green night light

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Oh lol I thought u we’re talking about lights when u we’re saying t4. :joy: Anyways there’s an equation that’ll tell you the CFM you should be pushing. Is google like “grow tent cfm equation” and it’ll give you a good idea what size exhaust fan you should be running.
Cheers :man_farmer:

Im buying a T6 to replace the T4 and use the T4 as intake.

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Perfect sounds like a good plan. Your temps/humidity should be more stable with this setup.
Best of luck