First timer 2021

Awesome, phew…this is good news! Thanks for your time @Leholf

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At 2 weeks in, and only a couple table spoons of Happy Frog you might think to transplant soon because there won’t be much in there for food. Happy little lady


Update, I transplanted it yesterday and moved it inside under a fluorescent bulb @ 5500 full spectrum. Still feeding distilled water, non Ph’d. Sitting in new happy frog soil.

I am noticing yellow leaves now. Am I wrong or is something happening to her? Here is yesterday morning and today. Thanks for your time!

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Correction its a 6500k led bulb 100W.

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Yip there’s something happening alright mate, there growing :wink: beautiful colour , lime green in the new growth what you should be seeing , might want to start ph the water soon tho

Thank you @Leholf ! I will ph the water.

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It does really pay to chap , I’ve grown for years and always bummer buds aside from a few flukes , honestly since I’ve been here and listened and applied, bloody magic happens mate :wink: check out guys like @Arrow , @kaptain3d @yoshi @Fergus @Blackmoon @BStarr @Hellraiser , n honestly I could carry on tagging hundreds of these excellent growers , read there journals , the priceless bits are literally priceless!


@Romer get you a Ph pen as soon as possible so you can water and feed it properly for optimum growth. Ph - PPM - EC is a great learning for plants, agriculture as a whole , so you can have a much easier and better harvest on your veggies. Small things create great Rewards !

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@Yoshi thanks. I have one and the have ph the distilled water to 6.2. I am sorry for not including all the information that was suggested when starting a help forum. So here is what I was supposed to do to make it easier to help. Thank you all in advance for your time!

-Maui Wowie feminized, photo
-Week 3 seedling
-Method: Soil Fox Farms Happy Frog
-Vessels: 5 gal fabric pot
-PH and TDS of Water: Distilled 6.2 PH &
-PPM/TDS or EC of nutrient solution if applicable
-Method used to measure PH and TDS/PPM

-Indoor tent 32 x 32 x 62
-Light system Fluorescent LED, 1 bulb at 5” from canopy
-Actual wattage draw of light: 100W
-Current Light Schedule: 18/6 on at 5am off at 11pm
-Temps; Day, Night Day 82F night 77F, lights off temp 65F
-Humidity; Day, Night 63-65
-Ventilation system; Yes, 4” 190 cfm inline fan
-AC, no, Humidifier yes De-humidifier yes
-Co2; No

@Romer 6\2 is a much better veg schedule than 18\6, good info to read :open_book:.
Are they in they final pots yet?
At this stage 5.8 -6.0 is a better optimum range for seedling to absorb nitrogen ?
A teaspoon of epsom salt per gal every feeding.
Other than that buddy, all you need is some kick ass lights and you on your way to a first finish !

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Ok i will lower the PH and add epson salt. @yoshi can you confirm the hours I need to have her lights on? 6/2 is what you typed. 6 hours on 2 hours off and repeat? I have a Mars Hydro TS 1000W LED light with a dimmer. Should I use that instead? At 50%? Also yes it is in final pot

Just set it to your liking :+1:, before you lower that ph , do that gradually not instantly from watering to watering , that is to sudden of a change . 6.2 seems like the number so just keep it there , it’s adaptated to that ph if it’s growing , plus you’ll have to raise up in flower , so just leave at 6.2 the full grow time until flowering .
Now for the light choice the more blue spectrum in Kelvin is better for seedlings so 4000k up to 8000k bright white light is best for vegging out foliage , flower would be that TS1000 on full blast for big nugs !

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You included me in that list @Leholf funny.
Why thank you sir.


So definitely something is wrong here. What do you think happened? I feel like I am losing her🙃

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What is it you think is wrong

No mate sorry didn’t mean to confuse you , nothing wrong is happening, new growth has a lime green colour, looks fine to me :slight_smile:

To me it looks like she is bleaching. Definitely not lime green anymore. And she curled a little bit. Do you think its the light stress?

Show us a side picture

And what’s the distance from light to leaf?

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