First Timer 2 weeks yellowing centers

Hey guys…brand new to this and I need some help! Have 5 autoflower Critical plants. I’m entering the second week. All was looking great now I’m seeing the second set of leaves on the largest plant has yellow. The whole center section of the plants. Too close to the light?? Any and all help is appreciated. Thank you!

Hey there @Dee23 Welcome to the forum.
No need to worry, that is perfectly normal.
New growth takes a while for the chlorophyll to darken up so you will see light green centers on a healthy vigorous plant especially in the mornings. Its a good sign of the plants health.
Now if the light green is on the outer edges then we need to do something.
Keep us posted here in this thread. We love to follow along with grows.

Example on an older plant


THANK YOU SO MUCH! I feel so much better. She looked so healthy other than this yellow. What a relief! Great forums. Thanks again.

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Uh oh! Same plant but she seems to be having troubles now. Notice the two leaves curling a bit. Top right and bottom left.

Help!! Don’t want to lose her

You need to transplant her to a bigger home.
The solo cup is ok for a week or so but its time to move on.
Autos especially dont like to be transplanted so many of us start them in the final grow pot right at the beginning. Its not uncommon for an auto to start flowering after three weeks and you can stunt them if you wait too long. Whatever issue you have should be relieved with fresh soil and proper light distance.

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How big should the next pot be??

I would suggest a 5 gallon pot or grow bag (I prefer the grow bags). And it would be your last pot. No need to transplant into a pot in-between.

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thank you! ugh I’m a little stressed today.

I’d have to say everyone is doing pretty well. Just this one girl having some issues.

They do look good.
I do autos in 3 gal pots. Some prefer 5 gal. But either way it should go into its final home.
Autos usually dont like transplanting but you are at the perfect time to do it now.

I got 5. Now I’m mad at myself for not knowing this. I hope like hell they’ll be okay. Thank you for the help.

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They will be fine. Just transplant gently.

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Ok she survived the night but she’s looking very sad. Watering issue??