First Timer ...10 day old Autoflowers

My first time growing. Sour Diesel, Amnesia Haze, Blue Dream and UK Cheese. 3 gallon pots with Fox Farms Strawberry Fields and just star5ed using Recharge.
3 are 10 days old. I had some issues with 1 strain not germinating so i have a couple that just sprouted few days ago, they will be going outside along with a couple photo plants im starting.

Any tips? Input? Currently have them in 2x4x5 tent. 1 Mars Hydro TS-1000 (I have another one to add when needed). Small space heater. 6 inch clip on fan (also have another one) and i ordered the AC Infinity smart filter that will be here Monday.


Looking great

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Looking good, but you probably won’t need a filter if these Ladies are going outside. :+1:

Im keeping 3 autos in tent. Trying 2 photos and 2 autos outside. Getting a feel for both, i tend to overdue hust about everything i do so…why not learn and have fun.


Learning is fun :+1:

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Ive been super paranoid about over watering. I’ve been doing some research when i can though. Hopefully i dont run into too many problems


Judging by your pic’s you look like you are hitting the mark. I assume the plastic pots have plenty of drainage holes. Once they get a little bigger you can saturate soil fully, until you get some runoff. I use the tried and true " lift pot method " just lift pot a little after watering and get a feel for how heavy it is right after watering. You will get a feel for when they need water by the weight of pot.

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Currently just under a liter of water every other day. Yes the pots have plenty of drain holes.

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Im just using the 1 mars hydro ts1000 right now, set about 28 inches above plants and set at 100% is this sufficient? Ive been playing with the height over the past 4 days. I had it about 22 inches above

As far as nutrients go, i really haven’t figured any of that out yet. Might just wing it and see what they do, maybe watch for deficiencies and go from there :thinking:

They look great, and way ahead of my GG at 12 days today. I’m running 77 degrees, light set at 135w 24”.

My temps range from 73°-87° and humidity 45%-70% filter and inline fan will be here Monday and im hoping that will help with stabilizing temps

I would advise to bring them outside in nature for a few hours a day to harden them off before tossing them out for the season. These plants thrive when fed well, and also thrive in droughts. Don’t be afraid to let the pot completely dry before watering again. It’s better to let them wilt a little, than to over water.

Thank you. Yes i plan on slowly introducing the outdoor plants to the sun when that time comes. Yes i definitely think im underwatering them but they seem good.