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I had no idea they was supposed to be stored in any solutions. I just rinse mine off and to e to time use a little humidifier cleaning brush with a dab of Dr. Bronners castile soap to clean it, put the cap back on and that’s it. Glad this Convo was brought up though. In if/when time comes that I do need or decide to upgrade I’ll surely remember this to make sure I store it correctly. :+1:

That was me as well.

Pick up some storage solution and you might get a few years out of yours.


Thanks for that info. :+1:

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Thanks for everyones reply and input. The knowledge put out is gold. My little babies are sagging and one of them had leaves turn yellow. I try not over water them as they dry out quick. Any suggestions? I put the marshydro tsl2000 25 inches above canopy and just put it from 25% to 50% (note the yellowing came before it was turned up to 50%)


I’m gonna go out on a limb and say it’s probably root related. Those kinds of biodegradable pots are almost as bothersome to me as plastic pots. They are woven so tightly they give the practical effect of being impossible for roots to penetrate. The fact that they become mushy when wet but still impenetrable to the root zone just exacerbates why they’re frustrating.

Anyway, the real point here is the pot is likely not allowing the root zone any opportunity to dry out/breathe between waterings. I would try waiting til the pot is crisp/dry and feeling if the pot is light once the exterior is nice and dry. Willing to bet it’s still fairly heavy when you’ve traditionally been watering.

When you do move her into bigger pots, tear as much of the biodegradable pot off from the bottom and sides as you can before putting her in her final home. :v:

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So hey @Dave101 I have a 50 dollar credit on my Amazon account. I’ve checked out the link for the bluelab toolbox that you said was 200. It happens to be on sale for 163. @ the moment. Between that and a 50 dollar credit I have with Amazon I’m kinda considering it. Would cost about 120- 125 with taxes .
Would like to ask you a few questions about it if you don’t mind.

  1. Did you get the add on 2 year warranty?
    2 ) mine came calibrated , bit it says I have to calibrate before using this one, how easy is it?
  2. it only has 3.8 stars for accuracy in the reviews, just really how accurate has it been for you and do you have anything to compare it to?
  3. between the 2 testers it does test pH, ec, tds, and temp right? Or just pH and temp.
  4. does it come with enough storage and cleaning solution to clean every use and store for a good while, or will I have to be purchasing more cleaning and storage solutions pretty quickly? .

Thanks and sorry I know that’s allot.

I added that solution you gave me the link for to my cart but was waiting to buy with something else. Now it’s outta stock and says don’t kñow when or if it will be back in stock. :joy: My luck. Anyway I was thinking of possibly getting the bluelab storage solution for like 14 bucks. While I was at it I happened to check out the bluelab toolbox kit that Dave101 gave a link to me for. It’s on sale for 163 plus I have a credit in Amazon so I’m kinda pondering on getting that instead. Which has solution . Wether enough or not I’m not sure. But I had some questions that I asked in post above that maybe you may want to chime in with as well?

No I did not purchase the extended warranty.

Before calibrating you have to start with a 24h soak in the storage solution. Once you complete the 24h soak it’s really easy to calibrate. I’ll link a how to video on calibration and cleaning, it’s really easy, nothing to worry about.

I don’t have any other meters for comparison, what I will say is that it always seems to be accurate when I recalibrate. What I mean is when I put it in ph7, it always reads 7.

Yes you are correct, this kit will test everything.

I only use the cleaning solution if the meters get really dirty, or if I’m getting false reading(hasn’t happened). What you want to do is make sure your rinsing the meters off with tap water after every use, this will keep them working properly.

You get 40 ml of each solution, if done correctly it should last a few months. What you want to do is use a really small container when you calibrate, the ones they give you are too big and waste the fluid quickly. If I remember correctly I only use about 7.5ml per calibration, so it could last me just over 5 months of continuous calibration. As for storage of the liquids, they send them in pouches, what I did is find little containers to dump each liquid into, this way I could store it and not use the whole thing at once. When it’s time to calibrate I just dump some solution in this little cup(check out pictures), If you use the containers they supplied you’ll waste the whole solution per calibration, they want you to waste the whole solution in one shot so you have to buy more.

Never let the sponge in the storage cap of the ph meter dry out, alway store in KCI storage solution.

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Oh ok so as far as storing you just poor a little solution in the cap and put it back on. So your not like sitting the ends of these pens in like a cup of solution that can easily be knocked over or whatever? That makes allot more sense to me. :joy:

Yes, this exactly. Just make sure the sponge stays wet at the bottom, it only takes a couple drops.