First time wondering on sex

Girl scout cookies extreme auto. Sprouted 2/3 fed with 3 grams per gallon of mega crop in soil

Welcome! You need to wait until the pic fully loads before hitting reply. You should see a check mark by the reply button when it’s ready.

Edit: never mind it’s a cloud file and link works.

It’s hard to see anything regarding sex in that pic. The parts I’m looking for are blurry

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I don’t see any hairs

Too young to differentiate sex. Gotta wait. If feminized it will all be good.

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Thanks I was just wondering I planted a seed from another seed bank and it has already showed sex and was sprouted 2/20

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I thought I saw a blurry pistil in the bg in the first one. Maybe if you back up from the plant a little, it might focus easier. But I agree, looks a little early to get a definitive answer.

if it shows the bump in between the leaf stem and new shoot within a week after that you will beable to see a little hair at the least if not its a male

Too out of focus to see fine details.