First time with bubble bags


I bought some zenhydro bubble bags 1 gallon. I’ve never used them before I always used the mason jar with water, ice, and plant material and shook the hell out of it for 30 min, etc. Just seeing if anyone has any tips on using the bags and getting the hash out of them. they came with a how to but first hand experience can’t be beat. thanks!


@PotBuds14 @Countryboyjvd1971 can probably point you in the right direction.

Also upper right corner is the magnifying glass which is the forum search. I have a feeling if you search using the term “bubble hash” you might find a few topics!


I used them last year and did it with dry ice. @PotBuds14 If you excerise don’t do an upper body work out for several days before…and it will hold you for a few days after. I thought my arms were going to fall off. I followed this video:


@AnneBonny thank you! When i started doing a little research on them i realized i bought the 1 gallon ones so ill probably be alright on the arms lol but it looks exhausting with 5 gal ones.

@bob31 i did search it and found interesting topics. I realized quickly their pretty straight forward.

Thank you both! :v:t2:


I use bubble bags all the time. really the 5gal. work better then the one gallon. ok put bags I rite order and fill half way with cold water. then put in scraps or buds. then fill the rest of the way with ice cubes. then you work it around in the bags for 20 mins. then leave it set for 30 mins. the blue bag you can take out and throw away the weed and ice. then take out bags one at a time and retrieve your goodies. good luck


So heres what i got on the first an second run. Bottom slab first run top slab second run