First time with autos

Sup everyone! So this spring I want to have 6 fems and 6 autos going at the same time. Fems will be outside and autos may be out there or in a tent but not sure on that yet…

Anyways, I want to order seeds pretty soon and want a high yielding fun run of autos whether it be 6 of the same strain or a variety. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

I figure the autos will be done just before the big girls start flowering so timing and ratio should be perfect!


Depends on if you have height restrictions or not, but you can’t really go wrong with most of the strains on here! I’ve grown 4 auto strains and the blueberry were my favorite, but all awesome in their own ways! Just grabbed some Blue Dream and Maui Waui photoperiod from here and they sound like fun to grow indoors or outdoors too! My next order will be Skywalker OG and Banana Kush :+1:

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Look for strains that will grow in your region too. They all have descriptions on where they thrive best, but all can be manipulated by starting inside, using a greenhouse, etc :+1:

Also, density is probably the most important attribute I’m looking for.

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@Walt80 the density of your flowers are dependent on your growing conditions, and genetics.

Correct! Looking for auto genetics that will produce dense nugs!

Ok just checking. @Screwauger grew some autoflowers, how dense are those nugs?

My only experience with ILGM genetics is the current grow. I have two blueberry auto’s growing and they are 28-30" tall and very large plants. So far I am impressed (and I have 18 more BBA beans yipee).

These plants already have buds that are getting dense.


I am currently growing white widow autos from ilgm and, without and training and topping, they range from about 22” to 30”. My first grow I topped them and I currently have 10oz in jars from 4 plants in the cure. The bud density varies, but I made a lot of mistakes, so I don’t think that run was a good indicator of potential bud density. Maybe this second run I am in will have more consistent bud density. They’ll be done in a month and I’ll let you know how it turns out.

White widow autos aren’t the higher yielding autos offered on ilgm, but the thc% is high relative to some of the higher yielding ones. If your looking for high thc and yield, the amnesia haze auto might be good for you.

Enjoy the selection process. For me, it’s like ordering at a restaurant, I can never decide until everyone else is ready to order and the waiter is standing over my shoulder waiting. I finally pulled the trigger on getting some LA confidentials after mulling it over for weeks.


Everything that I have grown all the autos have been all about light and conditions I’m using cheap lights and my nugs are like rocks