First time with Auto's - WW & GSCE

Hello fellow lovers of all things related to the God plant!

Summary: Germination started Sept 24

Background (how very fancy!)

: I’m 55. I vape, then I use the AVB (already vaped bud) after water curing to make the most amazing
choc chip cookies for when I want a body stone =) I have bipolar disorder (medicated) but I use the
weed to re-engage my creative juices AND to make me less antisocial. It works I don’t gaf if it’s illegal
: I grow outside in Victoria, Australia - in a regional area but with neighbours
: I boost with led lights on the back porch in Spring if we get continuous cloudy days
: I use organic, unadulterated soil with vermiculite, a bit of organic no weedy cow poo. chuck in some
worm juice if I can
: I use fabric pots 25 litre
: I use my finger in the soil to tell me if they need a drink
: I use a liquid grow fertiliser that’s useable in hydro or soil
: If I need to debug I use homemade white oil and chilli garlic spray
: I use the KISS method (keep it simple stupid) they are hardy plants! They tell you what they need
: If it gets super hot with north winds - I move the pots under our shaded fernery for the day
: I dry them in our main bathroom that we never use, hanging off portable laundry rack thingies and I
can use the fan if things get a little stinky. Then I trim and cure in glass jars and chuck in a humidy
pack if I think it’s too moist OR too dry.

The last two years I have been growing a Sativa from South America with seeds I sourced from a mate. Very citrusy and very nice. BUT…they have an incredibly long grow season and last year my 5 plants were all well over 7 feet tall making them very hard to move around and easily visible over fences :wink: Even the one that I topped reached 6 foot.

I’ve been wanting to try auto’s so I bought some White Widow and Girl Scout Cookies and opted for feminised to make my life easier. I’m all about making life easier at this stage. If things go well, I can probably fit in another grow yay!

Will update when they sproing their little heads out of the jiffy pots!


@loverat. . . . . Hello & welcome to the forum. You have 2 great strains there. Grown both of them myself. Enjoy your stay here. A lot of great growers.

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Welcome to the community it’s great to have u join ur gonna love it everyone is awesome and very nice the stuff u can learn will amaze u even if ur an experienced grower I’ve seen say they learned tons even after growing like 30 yrs for example but can’t wait to see the update when ur girls sprout :seedling: and show their heads :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m also growing GSCE autos. Instead of Jiffy Pots I used solo cups. Later I found many web sites saying that if you are growing autos you should plant them in their forever home after you have germinated them. No transplanting as this stresses the plant.
Because I put them in solo cups for a couple weeks then transplanted I feel that is the reason my plants are a week or 2 behind schedule.
My advice is the same as what I’m gong to do on my next grow. That is, after germination, plant in them in their forever pot.
Pics are last week which was 11 Wks after sprouting from temporary pot (solo cup).

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