First time with auto , when to go to 12 hours

i have 2 kush xl auto’s at day 50 , full of white hair’s , can’t take photos i have a flip phone ,lol , when do i go to 12 hours on and 12 off , thank you all for you help , vern

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With the autos that’s not really a requirement as they’ll grow just fine on anything from 20/4 down to 12/12.
I’ve grown autos on several different schedules and seem to get the best growth at the 18/6 on/ off.
Although they will grow just fine on 12/12 if you’re trying to conserve power.


First time grower here…

I just started an auto flower batch (hatched 3/18), but have left the lights on 24/ 7 … thought it would improve performance of plants, should i scale it back to 18/4 ?

any advise appreciated, funny cause they say light is not necessary for an auto, it will even grow with no lights, but seems more complicated than that :slight_smile:


I find autos do well on an 18/6 schedule. They need time to rest. They also don’t need to be flipped to 12/12 to flower. They have an internal clock, and they flower when they want.
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Thanks Tegrity, i will give them some rest and go to 18/6
I love the growing cycle so far, pretty much consumed with it, would sleep with my seedlings if i could :slight_smile:


I also vote 18-6 light schedule. Plants benefit from dark cycle.


thank you , my first time with auto’s ,lol


thank you , very helpfull

:+1:, timer set :slight_smile:


Personally speaking from experience of running 12/12 start to finish for Photos and Autos. My Autos didn’t get overly big on a 12/12 so the next time I grow them will be on a 18/6 only.


@Golfish I’d give it another week of 24/7 and then scale back to 18/6 for awhile. Just because.
No need to waste the light
They say the plant does it’s most transforming(?) in the dark
Have patience and have fun

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