First time where am I?

Week 8 for Sara Carter and week 9 for huge Mother Maybelle. Both White Widow Autos. Using Brergs nutes.
Maybelle looks green and Sara is turning yellow and brown. Buds are touching the light with no room to raise it. What do I need to do at this point?


Share a picture with the class.

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Good looking lady’s! Maybe @Graysin will be able to help, or at least point you in the right direction

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Thanks! Hopefully won’t lose anything.

She shouldn’t be gaining much more height at this point so you may get away with it here.

If your lights are hanging by wire attached to rachets, there are things you can to to give you those last few inches.

I snitched this from another site (THC Farmer).

Original question > Hey guys new grower here and I got my girlfriend a 2x2x4 tent and led to go with it. I need innovative ways to hang this led close to the ceiling of the tent to maximize the available grow space. Video below to show you what I’m working with. Help a fellow farmer out! Bonus footage of my grow at the end… Folded hands :pray:Raising hands :raised_hands:Folded hands :pray:

Answer: A few ways.

Take the cable off the upper hook and connect to the same hook on the light. This will make a loop. Do that to all 4 then connect the loops to the hanging clip. Will shorten them by half.

To get even more cut 4 equal pieces of something like pvc or pipe thats rigid. Slide the cable through then back to the bottom and through again. As many times as you like to get the desired height.

Prob the best is just go buy 4 ratchet straps and connect them to the light… that way you can go as high as you like.


I’m counting week 9 from germinated seed in soil, Aug 14 and second germinated seed, Aug 21. The second plant actually looks slightly further along.?
I’m brand new at getting this far. Any help is greatly appreciated.
Last watering, I just used one gallon of water, each plant, no nutes, 4-5 days ago, still holding moisture. I try to let my pots dry almost completely, before watering seems to be about every 6 days. 5 gal pots.
I have used Bergman’s Flower Time, but have not used Plant Boost yet. Should I even bother or is it almost time to flush?

I’d supercrop them. Grab the stalk as low as you can go and still have soft enough fiber to be able to pinch real hard and roll around in your fingers, then bruise it up real good and bend sideways.

Yeah, you’re probably in ~week 3 of flower based on appearances. You likely have 4-8 weeks left of flowering depending on the effect you’re after. Quicker flower for a higher high, longer flower for a more Stoney couch locked high. :v: they look great.


I was able to get the lights up a little higher, strange to me the younger plant looks further along than the first one, but its my first grow. Thanks for all the advise!!

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Love the name choices.
Carter family contributions to music were huge. The picking style alone can be heard in so many songs.

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It feels weird but if you think about seeds like siblings and less like genetic clones, then it starts to make a bit more sense. For example, if two sisters are two years apart and both hit puberty at the same time, then technically the younger of the two is maturing faster (hitting puberty at, say, 12 instead of 14 like her sister).

Factor in plant genetics, where there is indeed a series of traits that influences how fast or slow a plant flowers. You can’t really know ahead of time whether you have a quick or a slow, but people get good at hunting the phenotypes with shorter flowering periods. They breed them and call them “fast flowering” or “early version” seeds, designed to finish anywhere between a week and three weeks sooner than their average ”regular” counterpart. You may just have the “fast flowering” trait in the younger. :v:


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