First time w/ white widow.. is she almost ready

You should focus on buds. I can see a few here n there but mostly sugar leaves. Also you will need better magnification


Thurs is actually my first plant ever… any suggestions for the buds, I’m 12/12


:thinking::thinking: did u fkip then. Do u plan to flip tomaro? Do u have a specific question or just looking for advice on what to expect n look for? Also it would be immensely helpful for u to start your own topic. Look at the bottom of the page. Click browse all. There should be a box near the top that says ‘new topic or new +’

Hello fellow growers,

I bought auto flowering white widow seeds from ILGM and am wondering if they are feminized, or if I will need to look for the sex when they get to that stage?

Any thoughts would be helpful.

Thanks in advance,


This should help.

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Autos from ILGM are always feminized. You have to by regular if you want possible males.

Yes those are female. With the pics you posted it’s hard to tell you if they are almost ready but if you could post a pic of the full plant that would help. Once 70 - 80 percent of the white pistols start turning orange then you can start watching the tricomes like @Laurap posted

Auto’s sold here are ALL feminized.