First time using rockwool as the Medium any tips

Hello ILGM community ,

So i have a big box of 36 pieces 6x6inch grodan rockwool that i want to use. Never grew in this type of medium before and i been poking around watching a couple videos but i did want to address the forums because i found the help and tips have been more rewarding !
Any help or tips you don’t mind sharing please do , all is much appreciated.
Have a great day and Stay Stoney! :sunglasses:


@shaggy808 Did you find anything about growing in those 6 inch blocks? I have a couple that I’m about to do myself and was looking for tips and info… Doesn’t look complicated… Don’t over water… 20-25% runoff when you do… I found something on another forum but the thread was 10 yrs old and the picks got taken down…