First time using grow tent

If you have just an exhaust fan running inside the tent then when you zip it up to close it you’ll notice the sides of your tent suck in that’s the negative air I’m talking about i was able to solve it by using an intake fan at the bottom of my tent but now since winter is coming i just open one of the built in vents at the bottom of the tent and it helps @Longon

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Ta J
All these little bits and bobs are in preparation for my first indoor start!! admittedly been a little stickler although reading through prep, prep and more prep!!:thinking::thinking:
Hi again


U can find a lot of answers right here in this thread for sure if anything just search up what your looking for and everyone here will be glad to help

Hey man, how’s things?
I was wondering how did your flowers did?
I had to early harvest all of my plants, so the first one, very low potency, but nice smoke…
The second one i haven’t tried it yet, i got it in jars to try and cure it.
The third one was hanging drying and some tips started to get brown and the smell is going…
Fkng mold…
I ended up with about 150g of airy buds and about 50g of good, solid flowers

What is that thing u have over the top of your plants…???

SCOG or screen of green. Helps to keep the plant down height wise and have just Bud sites coming thru

Seems like a lot of work to put together