First time using grow tent

Hello everyone new to the site i am using a grow tent for the first time i have grown outdoors a few times but no expert the tent i am using is a 4x2x5 i have a 600w led light the brand is philzon got it from amazon i have the 4” vivosun exhaust fan with carbon filter tent is setup completely now and i got my seeds in the mail Last week i used the paper towel method and then placed 1 of them into a seed starter plug i got from a hydroponics store this is my first time growing from seed it has now sprouted i don’t know if i am doing this right but should i have this seedling in the tent already? right now it’s on my windowsill do i have enough light to grow 1 plant in a 10 gallon fabric pot using fox farms ocean forest soil or even enough room for a big pot looking to top the plant at around 1.5 feet tall if i can get it that big the strain is Tahoe og glue by equilibrium seeds thanks for any help sorry for so many questions i have a picture of the seedling I’m a little concerned about it at the moment looks a little discolored


Yes. Thing is canopy. The footprint will not cover 4x4 with enough to thrive in flower. But centered with some sidelighting on the beast n should be good to go. 10gal holds a big plant. I pull roughly 4oz each off 3gal pots. Go for it though. You got enough to start. You can always add a little light later once shes big enough to need it. Remember not to fill your box before flip. Leave head room for sure if youve never run the strain i usually train low n wide then let em reach in flower.


I have some 3 gallon fabric pots that was going to be my first idea is doing three all together in separate pots with the 600w light i know it’s actually wattage is lower but i was told it could work i will for sure order another just to have it on hand for “in case of” reasons but you think i can get away with that one light? Or am i better off trying this one out in the ten gallon for now to see what i can make happen? I have two desk fans one on each side of the tent one at the bottom and one on the opposite top corner basically facing each other i will continue to post pics on here as much as i can thanks for the reply

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You got fem seed?
If so id run 1-2 n clone em . Set up a next run of plants youll know by then
i wouldnt try 3just cause i know the footprint wont cover em.


Yes the seeds are fem for sure and Thank you I’ll keep you posted on progress wish me luck lol

I would run 2 plants I’m running 3 in a 2x4 and its tight. I have them in 3 gal pots. U could run a 2x4 scrog in there to help with the height. Also to fill the canopy.

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Thank you i do plan on doing scrog never done it before but it looks to be pretty easy at what point do you think it’ll be best to start that and what height should i begin

I would start when they look like this

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Awesome I’m gonna post pics as i go on this thread and also join in on others i appreciate your response thanks

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So over night i noticed a few tiny leaves started but the two main ones have a brownish too to them these are from seedling as i said it there something I’m doing wrong

Watch the new leaves. The feeder leaves (cotyledons) will die off as the plant matures. Even the first set (single finger) leaves will get a little beat up and eventually come off. As long as the new growth is green you should be good.


This is what my seedling looked like today when i got up should i move this into a small pot at this point and switched to maybe distilled water for the spray bottle i been using

Progress still unsure about the main stalk looks a lil off to me but i read that it can be genetic anyways Tahoe og glue is almost on its way to its final place I’m gonna gonwith 5 gallon fabric pots and gonna do two total the other seedling is doing well in a slightly larger clay pot i used a starter plug for this baby gonna name them soon and keep posting my progress please if anyone has a helpful hint or tip feel free to chime in whenever thanks a lot everyone for your help and support

Almost lost one of these ladies this week but she lifted her spirits i have now established a ph of 6.1 was at 6.5 can’t get the temp any higher been the same for over a week now yesterday i started using grow big by fox farms the one in the starter plug i have pics of above fell over and the leaves turned brown i Didnt feed for about 4 days and noticed it lift again on Friday night they are under 24/0 led light 600w i have another it’s a 1200w I’m gonna use for flowering when i get to that point the exhaust is on 24/7 and i have a small clip fan on one of the poles set on low for now u can’t see because the angle of the pic all in all i think I’m doing pretty good considering i started from seed any advice on what to do next? Happy Memorial Day everyone

Been four days since the pics i took noticing some spots on one of the plants i just started using grow big by farm farms tonight and checked ph to 6.3 humidity is holding well and temp too hope this rights itself because i still am learning but any help or advice would be a god send a little reassurance at the very least

I have a Phlizon 600w, and using it only on one plant is ideal.
I took some very unscientific measures myself, and the 108 actual watts are barely enough to cover 1x2 feet for good vegetative growth and health.
My plants look great grown under one of those, but i already have another cheap chinese led helping and currently waiting for another one, to have as much power for flowering as possible.
I have 5 plants in a 4x4.
This is at 8 weeks exactly from seed under the Phlizon 600w.


How loud would you say the 4 inch vivosun + filter is when working?

Btw, i used the Phlizon by itself with 4 plants from seed for about 6-7 weeks until someone lent me another Chinese light

Those look amazing mine are small still but I’ll get there i actually ordered one more of those lights should be here beginning of next week i have the fan/filter set on the lowest speed before it is turned off and i can’t hear a thing from it by the time i am upstairs i had to set it to the lowest because it creates negative air @DMD

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