First time using coco, need help

So im harvesting and flushing for first time in coco, and i keep second guessing myself. I started flushing monday with plain ph’d water based off trichome colors. The buds just dont “look” done to me” and im worried i started flushing too soon. I posted pictures of buds and trichomes under microscope. My runoff ppms are still at 600ppms so im wondering if i should start feeding again or im right in thinking theyre just about done.

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Pay attention to the bud, not the sugar leaves.

How long has she been in flower?

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I don’t flush my plants. Of course, I don’t push the nutes either. My memories of coco were with a lot of feeding. If you’re feeding organic, I’d forego the flush. Feed her, watch the video and check your trichomes.

Beautiful plant


Yeah im feeding full synthetic lineup so i have to flush /:. This is my 8th grow overall so ik what to look for but the buds not looking done and the trichomes being cloudy is throwing me off. This is week 6 of flower and theyre both autos. Theyre both 8-9 week MAX flower time. I think im going to end up reintroducing light nutes around 600ppm until the buds show better signs of maturing. Any opinions welcome on thay.

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On a separate note, i got two purple phenos from two different strains in the same tent so thats dope.

Then you’ve got two to four weeks. About week 8-9, your plant will have reached between 92 and 100% of it’s max potency. If you’re planning a two week flush, this week would be optimum.

Good luck.

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Too many white pistils, I’d keep feeding for another week at least, maybe 2.

Fox tailing??

Doesnt look like vape it! @Woodrow image|666x500

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