First time using coco coir

Lol I’m growing in soil now and coco seems like it’s the next step

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Yeah I have found I get the best results if I keep my ph between 6.3 and 6.5 in Coco loco. Coco, soil and mixes it’s best to try and stay between 6.0 and 6.5. Soilless media best between 5.5 and 6.0. And yes Coco loco is hot out the bag. But it’s great for starting seeds and will hold you through the first few weeks of veg. If you’re growing autos with Coco loco, it’ll provide enough nutes to get your through veg and then just start giving bloom nutes once she starts to flower

I’ve had great results with both. I’d say if you can tend to your plants at least every other day then go with coco. But I like to go to the lake for 3-4 days so I grow in soil. Just give them a good watering and they good for a few days.

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I tried soil,Hempy,perlight,and coco…coco by far has the fastest growth of the 3,the best bounce back when you fuck up as well if u over feed flush boom in literally less than 10 min their on the right track again just let them do their thing for a little bit and it will go back to normal soil is tricky iv had non stop ph issues and bug infestations with soil also plants grow so damn slow in soil compared to pure coco…hears 4 plants vegged for 6 weeks from seed in 3 gal fabric pots at week 5 flower

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Then hears one vegged for 1 week more (7weeks) in a 5 gal fabric pot…this was at 2 weeks into 12/12 so she grew a lot more after t/his pic


First 2 pics are in week 6-7 this is her before flip sorry phat fingers

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Man I recently made the mistake of doing tons of research on growing with pure coco and bought coco loco instead- had no idea of the difference until im 3, 1in seedlings deep into 5 gal cloth pots of coco loco.

I didnt flush as you stated in your above post, I also put my germinated seeds directly into the 5 gal pots of coco loco.

I dont have a meter for the ppms I will be getting one for sure after reading this.

The only nutrients I own are the 3 part gh nutrients I read you did not recommend those.

What nutrients should I use and when?
Ive seen alot of ppl say that the loco can feed until flower then feed nutrients, is this true?

The ppms u are flushing out is part of the beauty of coco loco. It’s already amended with organic nutee and compost. It is also buffered with calcium and magnesium. If you flush it, then just buy a brick of coco coir. Otherwise you’re waiting your money.

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Have Coco coir, advanced nutes sensie grow and bloom a + b. Cloth bags. Started 2 amnesia Haze autos and 2 gold leaf phots. Everything the same in all 4 grow bags with lights, watering and feeding. The autos are doing great but the photos died. Outdoors grow. What went wrong?