First time using coco coir

It’s a little off base here but I’ve been using rockwool for a couple years and took a dive into the floraflex pot pro 6” setup for a run and to be frank I think I like the rockwool better. For me there is less room for errors I feed my rockwool cubes 3 times a day one the are rooted and have never run dry. Coco in the small setups can be ok in the morning and then bone dry by afternoon the plants don’t evenly uptake water but being on a manifold when one gets water they all do. Maybe if I was doing 5 gallon dry amended pots life would be better but I prefer just checking my reservoir every day with piece of mind.

Cloud Coco is ready to go 50/50 Coco/perlite. Then I add some Happy Frog. I feed using liquid organics.

Been going in at 6.0-6.2. Using Calcium and Epsom at every input. Doing a Feed, Microbe, Water cycle per week.


Sorry for the delay. I wanted to wait a week to get past some cold weather, but I soaked 4 Gorilla glue auto seeds overnight last night. Now I have them in wet paper towels. I decided to go with a 50/50 mix of royal gold tupur and coco loco. Should be able to plant seeds Thursday or Friday. Will keep ya posted

It has begun!!

Wtf!!! Have the changed how to upload pics!!???


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You can ditch the humidifier and just use clear Solo cups as domes over the seedlings. Then just mist the inside of the domes twice per day to give them all the moisture they need for the first 10 to 14 days.


I just took all 4 domes off. Lol!!



One week

Looks great!

Off and running… Congrats let’s see what ya can do… what brand of coco did you go with & any perlite?

I used 1/2 royal gold tupur and 1/2 coco loco. Both have perlite. Coco loco has some natural nutrients in it too


2 weeks

Hmmmm…What’s my problem???

Screw coco!!! This is my last grow to the exact day of this grow

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Well I’m not sure why those other photos get uploaded but these are my girls currently.

I’ve been reading along from start to finish. I’m not sure what you mean now. I feel like I must of missed something. What’s the problem?