First time UK outdoor grower looking for some advice

Hey guys!! Brilliant forum you guys have here.
I’d like to say that I’ve never grown anything from a seed before so have very little to no knowledge at all.
I recently found a few seeds in my smoking box from a few years ago that I most likely got from a bag. I decided to germinate them and see how it goes outdoors because I had nothing to loose. From what I’ve seen on various forums they seem to be getting on well considering I’ve just left them outside, I started the germination process 4 weeks and 5 days ago and they have been outside since then, with a few days on the windowsill because of strong wind and rain.
I’m hoping that someone will be able to give me a little advice and help on what I’m doing.
I’m pretty sure that I need to transfer them into a larger pot soon and start to fertalise as I have not added anything to the compost their in.
Thanks in advance!!
Happy smoking :slight_smile:

(I have a few pictures I can upload but can’t figure out how to)

try to get those pics up and I am sure we can all help

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I will transfer them and bury the long stalks in the next few days.
Any advice or tips would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

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Your plants look nice and healthy. The only suggestions I’d offer is definitely transplant soon.
I’d look into fabric pots 5 to 7 gallon. Also, keep your ph correct and you’ll avoid many pitfalls later on. Off to a good start @CHeeKY

Thanks for the reply!
I’ll do my best to transfer them tomorrow.
How would you/Anyone suggest I (1) measure the PH of the soil (2) change the PH of the soil.
And do i assume you are referring to the PH of any new soil I transfer into or the soil the plants are in now?


Really, you want to pH or water that’s what’s going to change the pH of your soil

the plants look ok to me . I do have some concerns about the space between your nodes, they are stretching for more sunlight . As mentioned above a transplant is in order as soon as possible. I would transplant into larger containers or preferably into the ground and start a light nutrient schedule. Get them into full sun asap.

Thanks for the replies guys!!! Much appreciated! I’ll have a look into the PH.
And I’ll make sure they are in direct sunlight from now on all the time!!