First Time Trying Toxic Green Juice and RSO

Decarbed an oz. of Blueberry and White Widow buds last night in separate Mason jars. Absolutely NO smell in house!!! Stuck the BB and a bottle of Everclear in the freezer. Tonight I mixed the EC into the bud and followed directions! Ended up with about 16 ounces of a dark honey colored QWET. I’m gonna mix it with about 20 ounces of distilled water and give this THC-infused “vodka” to my wife and a couple of friends to try. The WW I’m gonna do same way but evaporate off the EC and make a RSO. Then I plan to infuse it into honey and make my own canna caps for my wife. She has a terrible back and I hope this works. She doesn’t smoke and HATES the weedy/chlorophyll taste.


There’s a few other ways to do this to get more out of the plant I personally use a sous vide cooker decarb a jar fill it up with coconut oil put it in a water bath at 118° for five days to seven days Strain out the material and that coconut oil is some of the best medicine ever

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@Hogmaster I’m getting ready to souls vide some flower right now. I have a question… I am wanting to decarb and infuse all at once… I was reading that 150 F will decarb weed in 3-4 hours I was thinking about just running coconut oil in my sous vide for 12 hours with powdered shake and less than stellar tasting buds.

DO you have any thoughts about decarbing at that temp instead of heating up to 350 or whatever, then trsansferring?

A levo2 is the way to go for wifes meds. Hands down easiest infuser around. Will dry and decarb also.

If you really get into QWET, I highly recommend a Source Turbo to evaporate off your alcohol and collect it. Keeps temp at a max of 105F.

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225-250 tops for 45 mins will decarb it if you do days Instead of hours it will be way stronger

Thank you @Hogmaster I’m interested in exactly how you do that. Mind another question or two? SO

decarbing 225-250 in a jar for 45 minutes, correct? And then for infusion, how many days in the sous vide bag with coconut oil and at what temp? Or are you decarbing for days, as well as infusion for days…

did you get this method from a video? Thanks so much!

I do it all in the same jar you decarb then a water bath at 118° for five days stain out into another jar fill the rest of the way with oil for another 3 days and enjoy