First time trying to get it right

I am thinking of flipping to flowering in a week. Thoughts or suggestions?

Have a 32"x32"x60" tent with 2 600w spider farmer lights. Grow has been challenging due to higher Temps so added homemade CO2 generator.

First grow so trying not to screw it up while I learn. Any direction would be appreciated.

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Nice work they autos or photos?

Not sure. I had 7 “bag seeds” that 3 germinated. Thought I would use those to work out any issues before I spent money getting proper seeds. Have to do in garage so I wasn’t sure if I could pull off a grow.

Bagseed is photo 95% of the time I’d not wait more then 1 week to flip them they’ll double in size and 3-5 days before you flip try to do a little exfoliating and remove leaves that get 0 light (itll help boost efficiency of photosynthesis giving bigger buds) and wait until you get some properly cultivated genetics itll blow you away


Yeah, I can’t wait to try that. Got a used tent setup and bought a second lamp. Due to high temps where I am, I wasn’t sure I could pull off a grow or if I even liked growing. Turns out I do. Got filter and vent, 2 lights, 2 clip fans and the 3 bottles of nutrients from Fox Farms. Just wanted to have a go without spending too much up front.

Now I just don’t want to screw it up lol.

High heat isnt to bad of a problem if you can get the humidity up to help cool the girls off I’m running a double 250w pull light setup and it’s 95° and only 1 strain out of 8 Is having a minor problem

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Welcome to the forum.

Plants are looking very good.

Just a tip: for extra CO2 to do any good, it requires intense lighting, higher nutrient levels, and a little higher temps for the plant to actually use the CO2. Two Spider Farmer 600w lights are not going to be adequate for extra CO2 uptake unless you are running 2 of their latest SF models.

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Have they been topped?
May want to look into defoliation timing info. Things are going to get tight in the tent so you want to have good air flow through the plants. Managing the density of growth is important to the plants health and bud production. I recommend pretty much anything from Nebula Haze - specifically her defoliation & lollipopping tutorials

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They have not been topped yet. A little nervous to do so. I did the CO2 because I am avg 82-92 degrees in the tent and short of spending a lot, I am trying to live with it. RH is around 60.

Thanks for the tips on videos. Will definitely watch.

The one in the rear left looked like it may have been topped because of the multiple growth tips on top.
Try to keep temps below 90, even better 86. With high temps the best thing you can do is circulate as much fresh air into the tent as possible. I may even have to unzip the door to let the heat dissipate. With intake vents open and initiating flower, make sure the intakes are light protected. You do not want high temps and light leaks. It confuses the plant and adds stress.


I tried FIMing the back two about 2 weeks ago. I think it took better on the left one. I agree with the 4 now. Not sure if I should try to top the right one at this point or not. Thoughts? Smaller closest is the runt. She has had a couple of “accidents” along the way not to mention she was always a week behind the other two from the beginning.

Another question, do I ever get rid of those huge fan leaves that hide everything else?

Ok update. I got rid of most of the “hidden” leaves. Kind of looks like lollypoping anyway. Gave the girls about 48oz of water each after (with just a splash of nutrient water mixed in to help due to trimming). Temps holding at 84-88 degrees. RH floating between 60-72%

I put a few wires on the right one, trying to get branches into the light. Right idea?

I think I will target 6/15 to switch to 12/12 cycle.

The question is now, do I top the right one or is it too late?

So adding co2 won’t help a plant deal with high temps?

Also needed are significant amount of light and nutrients. There is otherwise plenty of CO2 available in ambient air.

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I have wondered if theco2 would allow the plant to deal with high temps not using to allow harsh lighting.

Temp issues should probably be dealt with independent of CO2. Without proper light, extra CO2 will not be taken up by the plant.

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One of the keys to growing as good and consistent bud as possible is to have the tops of the plants (canopy) as even across the tent as possible. If I have a runt I will put wood blocks underneath it to raise it up a couple of inches. The taller ones I bend the tops or even supercrop.
Fan leaves are what fuels the plant. I try not to remove any leaves prior to changing the light schedule.
At that time I defoliate the bottom third (lollipop). Take a look (read) Nebula’s defoliation tutorials. After buds start forming I will either bend the leaves out of the way or remove the older one with long stems.
If the FIM didn’t take on the tall one, now would be the time to top her.
Also, spread out and tie down the lower branches as much as possible given size limitations.


Thx. I spread them out a little, topped the tall one and raised the runt. Love that idea by the way! Do you think I can still shoot for 6/15 flip to flower? Or should I wait longer now?

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