First time trellis net - Strawberry Cough

So far, so good. Installed a 4’x4’ stretchable trellis net a week ago. Flowering started about 2 weeks ago. I am wrapping the taller stems around the net and sometimes using bread ties or zip ties to tie down the other ones to create an even canopy.

Using a 750 watt HPS with 18"-24" above top plant height, 6" inline fan that exits into the attic, temp is not an issue and it’s also winter. Fertilizing with Jacks Nutrients.

I am thinking maybe I should install another 4’x4’ trellis net above what is already there as it continues to grow vertically even with the ties. One thread on this site said that they adjust the trellis height, and that there should be about 1-2 colas per square.

I topped these 4 plants 4 times and I may have too many bud sites? I’m not sure. What do you guys think?


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Looks good. Dollar general. A bag of pipecleaners a buck. Amazing stuff…lol.


@merlin44 is magical with the SCROG game.

@spyonyou and @Myfriendis410 both got skills as well. Im not knowledgable at all with it, but love the pretty pictures haha. Fellas any tips and tricks?

@spacey fire those questions at em lol. All 3 dont mind sharing the knowledge.


@PurpNGold74 thank you for the kind words…I am happy to share whatever I have learned during the short time that I have been growing.


@spacey , they look great .stretchable trellis Is nice ,you can wash them after your grow in some mild detergent. But harvesting is a pain in the axs. After the one you have finally give out ( about 3 runs ) switch to this . At harvest time you can just cut it out. And at the end of flower you can add a second or even third level of trellis (for bud support) , with out bringing elements from your last grow into your grow room

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A couple of points when SCROG’ing:

One plant per screen. All plants mature at different times and this makes it far easier to extract one plant. Also if you have one plant behaving badly it’s tough to get it out of your screen without damaging other plants.

Screen is installed a couple of weeks ahead of flipping and the ‘cells’ are populated with branches. I supercrop the plant and try to develop four good tops I can direct to diagonal corners of the screen. Once plant is in 90% of the screen I flip. Keep managing branches until plant hardens off.

I built mine from PVC and is adjustable for height, eliminating the necessity to add a second screen.


So with the setup I have right now (750 watt HPS, 4’x4’ square footage with the net), should I let the flowers begin to grow vertically, move the HPS up to keep distance, and then add a second screen in the future if necessary? I’ve been keeping them tied down for 8 days so far since I installed the net. The canopy is looking a little crowded compared to other people’s photos on here.

There’s plenty of vertical room to move the light up since it’s not in a tent.

Photos were taken tonight



My goal for a trellis is to get one bud site per square in the trellis. Then I let them grow upwards. Second level trellis is for bud support


@spacey , you got this , that looks good​:sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses: