First Time Trellis Net HPS

First time trellis net and also first time with an indoor HPS 600/750/1000 watt setup. This is in a room, no grow tent, inline 6" fan that is programmable for 68F+ to kick on for heat transfer from floor into the attic, no heat issues.

I’ve seen trellis nets online but have never done it beore. I topped (not FIMMed) all four of these Strawberry Cough (Sativa) feminized plants a total of 4 times. Also going with a 4’x4’ square footage as was suggested by people on here, I started with 600 watts, and now am at 750 watts, keeping the distance from plant max height from light base 1.5 feet to 2 feet.

I am assuming the goal is to produce average canopy height for more production vs. a longer cola. I used a few bread ties here.

We are into flowering stage now for a week or so, do I just keep moving up the trellis net as they move up, or do I add more trellis nets and keep those bread ties where they are? I guess I could move them and re-tie the ties???

I’m also assuming that I should never top any of the plants from now on since they are out of vegetative stage.
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Me personally I bend them down and stuff them under the net and it’s a constant battle readjusting daily but its because your wanting to open up more room for bud sites to grow. Eventually the nets do get moved up or down when the buds get heavy or you simply install another net to support your buds so no branches break while they put on weight. When I net I try not to move it up and down too much as I want to encourage horizontal growth. In the long run your wanting one cola per square and a lot of the times it doesn’t happen like that so minimal amount per square


You doing good :+1:? @Low journal you can get a real time scrog example and @MadamCalamity is pulling her first full scrog off in real time you can follow , but I’m loving the creativity right there like in the dinning room , so cool :sunglasses:!


Thanks! Great looking canopy you have there and Green Crack is an awesome strain.


At least those chairs are getting some use.

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