First time stem splitting


Yeah I’m going to try it thanks I’ll send a pic


No indoor plants


Sure @Pat2 no reason why it wouldnt work outdoors as well


Im thinking im going to peel bark away on one this round (they claim thats what gave acupoco its gold color)


@pat2 it dont matter to the plant wether indoor or out as long as she thinks shes under attack and dying


Could I drill through the plant, rather than using a knife… stalks are pretty large


THIS is what I’ve been trying to find time to research. The stems are so damn thick I think a drill is my only shot, but from what I understand you’re supposed to keep something in the split to separate both sides of the stem, right?

So in theory could you use a nice long drill bit, drill thru and leave the bit in the hole? Or does it not work like that?


I think I will use a chisel, tap it through with a hammer gently, should provide a decent split, then splint it with a wedge


The drill bit method works awesome it is my preference


Really?!?! Sweet! Then I’m not too late to get creative with this harvest! Thank you!!!


Instead of using a drill, or a chisel, I used a sturdy but small flat headed screwdriver, gripped the stem and push it through. Went quite well. That was Monday, today is Friday, so I’m going to brush up on my Harvest reading and will probably cut down my very first plant this evening when its time for Lights On (I will do the cut while the lights are still off though)…


oh… I’m jumping the gun here… stalk has been split since Monday late evening, and I will not cut her down tonight, I will do 48 hrs of darkness prior to the cutting, so lights went off this morning at 7am, so Sunday morning I will chop down my first one… that will be a total of 6 days since spitting her, so I’ll monitor under a dim green light between now and then as 4 days have now passed since the split