First time stem splitting


Must admit at first time i was afraid and tht was 3grows ago now i see it as a must but i think 7days before the 48hrs darkness the the chop. I cant wait till this grow am doing am doing autoflowers with 1 reg Feminized fast version tht i will do aswell if i can fit thm in a small space i have. Anyway nice grow and i always advise splitting the stems i think it makes a massive difference in production of them thrichomes and give u some nice potent MJ.




Yeah I know what you mean,the first stem I did was quite fat so took some pushing and yes I did cut my knuckle a little lol but I’ve done it many times since with great success without anymore cuts or problems and I did the 48 hours darknesses with every grow and I have done 5 grows so far


@daz49 , Have you tried packing in ice ? That is another tactic used to increase Tricomes that I read about on here.


What before you split the stem? What would that achieve oh and sorry no never packed it in ice,I’ve done dry rub kief though


Supposed to trick the plant into thinking winter is here. They say it works, I would like to talk with someone that has tried it.


Thinking it’s winter, it sends all of its juices to the buds.


Well I can’t say I’ve heard of that one but it may well do,I thought the stem splitting was a crazy notion till I found out the facts about it and then after trying it I was hooked,I’ve done it to every plant since


I drilled and iced my plants about 5-6 dsys prior to harvest.

I don’t know if the icing really made that much difference but this late stage I figured it couldn’t hurt. The plant was coming down anyways


See, I wasn’t crazy ! @daz49 , I don’t know anything about the science of growing , but I did read that it works. I’m glad you posted a picture @SilentHippie , I wasn’t sure how to go about it , now I know. :wink:


To be completely honest @Pat2, I’m not sure if the ice treatment really did anything but that close to harvest I figured it couldn’t hurt anything. The plants got chopped Sunday anyways.

I just realized I said the same thing in the last post. Sorry for my redundancy. Lol


That’s ok, I usually have to read things twice before they sink in anyway LOL !!! And if nothing else, the girls get one last flush before the end. @SilentHippie


So, to review, seven to ten days before harvest, split the stem, and ice plant, forty-eight hours before chop go into total darkness. Just to confirm, are we watering this last week, with a split stem, or not ?


@Pat2 I’d use the ice pack for your watering. I think I did it 3 or 4 days before cut.


Yeah for sure you’re not crazy but is it proven to have any benefits


Has it been proven man is causing globall warming ? @SilentHippie sure seems to think it works. And I’ll try almost anything once.


That’s the rub. They adjust the numbers to fit their agenda, but never factor in anything like El Nino, solar flares, or volcanic eruptions - which dump more crap into the atmosphere in a day than man can in a decade. And they want you to donate $$$ (or vote for it to be stolen in taxes) so that they can change the weather? When only a few countries in the world participate?


On the other part, I would love to see side-by-side of 2 clones from the same plant, one split and one not.


Do you think splitting makes any difference


It definitely does make a difference
If you have two plants when harvest time comes do it on one not tbe other and compare see gorbyour self
Even if you only get 10% increase its more and your harvesting anyway so why not
And any edge you can get right lol


@Countryboyjvd1971 , does that go for outdoor plants, in the ground ?