First time starting from seed

hello guys just looking for some general info my question is how long do I wait until I can start giving the seedling nutrients? for example cal/mag? please and thank In advance!

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Hi @perezj17 and welcome back. I germinate my seed, keep it in the humidity dome for 7 days, then place in system with 1/4 strength feeding. I’m in hydro. Hope this helps


I grow indoors in FFOF soil.

I don’t feed anything until near the end of veg, maybe 20 - 30 days old.

It really depends upon your growing medium and water. Using “hot” soil and hard water means I can go quite a long way before feeding. I do monitor very closely, if deficiencies show up, I deal with that.


I start light % nutes after the second set of full leaves. Increase % as the plant needs.

suggest you use 9oz clear plastic cup with drain holes…for the seedling and use another as a humidity dome. this will make it easy to monitor roots progress.


I appreciate the love man I’m trying to get my hands dirty again

I love this idea thanks

I believe the need for cal/mag depends on what water you use. If its tap water you probably wont need it unless you have signs of a deficiency. For hydro

you would use it if you use distilled or reverse osmosis.

Nutes i use 1/4 strength in hydro. Hydro being the key.

If you grow in soil i dont think you need nutes too soon because the soil has some in it already.

I dont grow soil but thats what i have read around here…get confirmation from a soil expert.


You shouldn’t need cal mag for a while. Certainly not until several weeks into veg. Seedlings require zero nutes.

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