First time smoker to grower

Also I’ve always started my seeds in Promix hp, don’t know if that makes a difference or not, just the way I’ve been doing it, and seems to work pretty well.

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Welcome @kirstee ! Awesome growers here. You have to love it when you get the bonus seed from the dispensary weed.

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Promix is a solid medium! I actually wanted to switch over from soil to it, but never pulled the trigger.

And I gotcha on the info. Just a good bit is things ive never heard. Not sure environment truly effects sexual identity… but i have no proof otherwise…

Just to be clear: I kinda think sex is determined when the seed is made. Its either a boy or a girl (or both :laughing:) from the date of creation IMO. But no proof otherwise so hey…


I’m pretty sure that this is the case. Environment can cause a hermie, but I don’t think it can control sex.


Tagging myself in! Set to watch as welll! First time grower myself. Im hydro growing though! Good luck Kirstee, happy growing!

Aww shit my AK47 just told me she’s…she’s…now going as non-binary….I hope she still flowers :joy::rofl:

Hehe had to get a sex joke in there


Haha better you then me… we were all thinking it :rofl:


I set to watch, hope I did it right, newbie also here, welcome to the group, love it here, so much help and great advice. For soil I use ace hardware whitney farms organic potting soil top 1/3, ffof middle, & brutt super soil in bottom of 5 gallon fabric pots, I also add perlite and worm castings. Happy growing. I have a journal going to if ya wanna stop in

Try to find a local hydroponic store for the soil. I’m paying half the price for fox farm than on amazon. Probably save on the nutes as well. Idk if anyone suggested fabric pots but I’d also get them in 5 gallon size they usually come with handles wich is a plus. I have 2 Mars hydro 1000 lights and they do a really good job for the price you will be happy. Good luck it’s a great hobby!

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I once found FFOF bags for $12 on a Michigan farm and feed site. I ordered 2 BOXES lmao. Just shop around and keep ur eyes peeled for sales.

Locally the same bags are no cheaper then $28 here… IF they even carry FF

I am so excited, the new pots, lights, soil, nutrients, panda wall cover…EVERYTHING arrived.

SO, it’s time to transplant, I plan on going straight to a 5 gal.

Over the past week, I have been absorbing so much information on growing and now it’s now starting to feel a bit overwhelming, I honestly feel like, I need to go back and research everything from the beginning.


For the transplant, I am using 3-part Fox Farm Ocean Forrest to 1 part Worm Castings. Does that sound about right? Also, check the picture. Should I use any of those nutrients during transplant?

Thanks again


Yup sounds spot on to me. I always amend some perlite as well… gotta love more drainage


It can be overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be! Take it one step at a time.

You’ve got soil that has enough food for some weeks of growth (keep your water at the correct pH). You’ve got a team behind you that’s willing to steer you in the right direction. Keep posting, ask when you’re unsure, confirm when you are. And we love pictures! You got this


Thank you both @PurpNGold74 @Underthestairs

One last thing for now…

Is there a set amount of water for the first transplant from 1gal to 5gal or do I just water until it’s fairly soaked? Should I use any of those bottles of nutrients during the first water?



Your best bet is to water a ring around the plant at about where it’s leaf tips are to make the roots go searching for food. I wouldn’t soak it down at this point until they get a little bigger.


I don’t recommend adding any nutrients for at least 4 weeks FFOF is considered a hot soil already

Great suggestion at least 15% perlite added to the mix
You got this! :sunglasses:


Quick update. Week 2.


Now you’re cooking with hot grease. That fabric plant is going to show up the others. By nexttime you water, soak that whole deal thoroughly. I normally wet it all after.

Lay you bottom layer of soil, then put ur old pot with plant inside the bigger one. Lay soil around it til 3/4 or a bit higher and make sure its kind pacted. Not tight but firm. Then pull ur small pot out and transplant away. After uve placed and buried the transplant, water thoroughly. Its not a baby anymore. Let her have it. ESPECIALLY with fabric pots.


Might one of you lovely people tell me if these plants are male or female?

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Too soon to tell. Im not seeing either parts