First time smoker to grower

Hello everyone,

My name is Kirstee and I’m 44 years old. Due to some chronic back issues and multiple surgeries, I decided to try cannabis for the first time in the summer of 2021. Within minutes of my first drag, I started to notice reduced pain, I couldn’t believe it.

After a few trips to the dispensary, I found 3 seeds at the bottom of my ¼ jar so I figured I would try to grow my own, I have no clue if these 3 plants will be male or female and I have no clue how to tell, I guess I have some research to do.

My setup – Please remember, I’m an absolute beginner and I expect to make mistakes, I know a bit about growing vegetables and herbs so hopefully this experience will help with the marijuana plants.

Light -GE LED 40W from Lowes

Humidifier - It’s just a standard humidifier for the house

Potting Mix
[Miracle-Gro 16-Quart Potting Soil Mix in the Soil department at]

I realize 40W light is not really appropriate so, I ordered this:
Mars Hydro ts 1000

I also ordered some Poly Film which will be used to cover the walls, floor etc.: VIVOSUN Black and White Panda Film 10 x 10’ 5.5 Mil Poly Film : Patio, Lawn & Garden

The grow room is kept at a steady 74 degrees Fahrenheit, I’m not sure of the humidity levels as I don’t have anything to measure this, so I’ll need to grab something at the shop.

I have been watering with distilled water only, I plan to add nutrients during the transplant. Do you know if lowes/home depot sell the right nutrients?

This is what I have so far:

I’m still researching and learning, and I am very open to any advice

Thank you


@kirstee welcome to the community
nice job on that plants, the light is not good for plant but that mars hydro you good to grown you plants

Should recommends nutrients and pH meter and one humidity meter and son fans that all you need for growing you plants


Welcome to the forum!!! I’m a first time grower here as well and have learned so much from the good people here, for starters I would try to avoid using miracle grow, it is a time released fertilizer that can burn your girls over time with every watering making feeding a little more tricky, however some on this app have had success with using MG, I use Fox Farms Happy Frog.

Throw a zip lock bag over the edge of the small pots and spray the inside with water or you can use a clear cup with holes in it, it’ll help with humidity, at this stage those babies want it moist

You’re in the right place to learn the ways of growing cannabis! @Tezza2 @spankyjr1 @OGIncognito @PurpNGold74 and tons more have taught me so much from not only my own thread and grow but from reading others as well

Seedlings look really good by the way!


Thank you for the replies.

Do you think it will be ok to keep the plants in the miracle grow for now until they’re ready for bigger pots? Or would you advise, I repot asap?



Hi and welcome. What size area are you growing in? I have the same light and use it with success in a 2x2 tent. As stated above, stay away from the Miracle Grow or anything from Lowes lol. A good soil is key to healthy plants and there’s just too much in Miracle Grow to be able to control. When I was using soil, I really like Coast of Maine Stonington blend or Fox Farms Happy Frog. I grow in coco now, but let’s get you going in regular soil unless you decide to go coco.

Second, get a PH pen, some PH up and PH down from General Hydroponics. PH pens are on Amazon for various prices. I use the Apera 20. Most everything mentioned is easily bought on Amazon. Get a thermometer with relative humidity measurements as well.

Third, Nutrients. Jack’s 321 is by far the most commonly used nutrient on this forum, but there are literally hundreds. Jack’s is cheap and works.


When you transplant I would put them in a more cannabis friendly soil, as you won’t need to feed them nutrients till the first 4-6 weeks of life


Welcome to community. The mars hydro 1000 depending on which one you bought should come with the temps and humidity meter. And possibly even a timer.


Welcome kirstee. That is the problem with bag seeds you have to raise them as though they are girls and hope when switched to flower they are girls and not male ir hermaphrodite. Do some Google searches on it for pictures. When they are old enough month or two you can post pics here and ask for help identifying them. Good luck.


I will do that, thank you.

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Welcome kristee . First time grower here too. Just got a light for my grow . With help and recommendations from a lot of good people on this site .
It’s been a God send again welcome and good luck with the grow


Welcome to ILGM! Happy growing…

Solid advice above. I definitely recommend Fox Farms Soils. Ocean Forest (bit stronger) and Happy Frog (great for starting seeds thru mid veg) are tried and true.


welcome to the community, you are at the right place for help and learning.


Welcome to the forum. Great place to learn. Read read read. Keep updating here and remember if you need any help with anything all you have to do is type the @ symbol and someone’s username… they’ll be alerted with the notification and know to come help out.

Looking good so far @kirstee


I’m set to watch! Excited to see some big green girls! Fingers crossed!!

Thank you all for chipping in, I like this community a lot.

I know there is lots of information out there and many video guides but, I am so confused with all these different soils and nutrients. When it’s time to transplant into a bigger pot, I plan on adding Fox Farm soil and some Worm Castings but I’m not sure what else I should be putting in.

I ordered the Fox Farm’s soil on Amazon which comes with 3 bottles:
Big Bloom, Big Grow, and Tiger Bloom - What do you think of those 3 products? Will I use them?

Thanks again


They will get the job done. Ull want to make sure to follow the schedule at around 1/2 strength to start… and make sure u flush every recommended time!

My soils ALWAYS get perlite added (avoid MG anything). More drainage is always welcome in this household.

Also isnt ILGM the best?!?! Like seriously. I love these potheads. Thanks Bob… my home away from home


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Welcome to the forum, when I start regular seeds I try to stay around 72°, high humidity with veg light only, which is the blue, and 14 hours of light. Not a guarantee they will be female but increases ratio.

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Where’d you get this info? Never heard quite a few of them.

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I found it on the net some time ago and saved it, not sure exactly what site it came from ,but there are a few that go over these. I’ve been using lower temp, higher humidity, blue light, and about 15 hours of light an have pretty good Success.