First time seeing any browning

So I e went up a little in their feeding. Like 5ml big grow to 7ml. Also I had movedd the light closer from like 24 to 18. Then I started seeing this and moved the light away. However I still see it Happening. Although it’s not much that I can tell.

These are the same two leafs. (although there is another leaf or two that I see have slightly brown tips like ever so slightly.
I give nutirents every two to three days. One day it’ll be big grow and big bloom then the next feeding I give cal mag. Ive been doing this for almost the life of the plant which is about 5weeks old from seed.

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Highly unlikely it is due to lighting or anything you might have overlooked. If you watch a time-lapse video of cannabis growing you will be surprised how much the plant moves on its own. The result is cuts, nicks, and holes on the leaves. It’s normal and perfectly acceptable. I don’t see any browning that is out of ordinary.

The best way to manage feeding is to get a PPM meter and feed as necessary to maintain a runoff PPM of ~1,000.

You’ll want to also begin adding Tiger Bloom at this point.

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Not sure what cut the middle finger of the leaf but otherwise looks good

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Welcome , looks like a pest has been tracking an munching on the leafs.

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@MidwestGuy idk how you picked out certain parts and responded to that. im new here…
ive noticed when i tie things down for LST ill come back and itll be compltely different. or at night it folds up and goes to sleep. i was wondering if that mixed with slightly dry leaves would be the culprit.

this is only my first time, im just getting into it. i have a 2x2 and just got my 4x2 in the mail last night :smile:
i want to learn about ppm. i know its part per million and you check the run off. honestly i dont get run off. im in a fabric pot. ive heard that they still get run off. however after putting it in this 3 gallon fabric pot from the solo cup i gave about a half gallon of water. my buddy whos helping me hes grown for quite a few years. said that was too much water. also ive heard a little under watr is better then over. so i giver 24 oz of water/NUTR every two to three days. normally just dig a little and check the soil. also i keeping a journal of what i give how much water and what it looks like after.

lastly as i stated this is my first grow im using happy frog w fox farms trio. it was my understanding that you gave just the two. big bloom and grow big. up until you changd the light for flower. you repete week 4 up until you switch to flower. please correct me if im wrong

That’s what I thought too last week when I found this



This is true for a young plant, but the plant can withstand a complete soaking if the plant is more than 3 or 4 weeks old and is growing nicely with > 5 nodes put up. It’s important for root health. Water to runoff, then let the soil dry out before watering again.

Have you checked the underside of leaves really good for pests? Just a thought.

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Looks more like you tugged on the leaf a little too hard training it or just on accident.

@Ebb that’s definitely a possibility. I’m rough. Even when I try not to be.

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Start the video at 1:30 and note how much the plant moves on its own:


@ChittyChittyBangin last week I saw a small knat. Just one. I’ve since looked through the soil and the leaves (not particularly under them tho. Didn’t know that was a thing) I even took a look with the microscope. No bugs. I’ve also hung a yellow fly trap with nothing on it. I know those are like fungus gnats. They stake roots not leaves. And I haven’t seen anymore besides that one. I always shower after work before going in the tent

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