First Time Scrogger

First time attempting scrog. Pretty satisfied witht the results. The scrog was unplanned but necessary with the crazy growth on this Zweet Inzanity. Day 12 flower


:point_up_2: you should be Growmie! Nice job and well done :love_you_gesture:


I hope you can post a few pictures showing what it took to get it where it is now.
How old?
Size of the space?

When did you stop pinching the growth tips?

Nice work!


Unfortunately everything i have for this grow was done in video. But i can tell you it is a straight forward LST. It hasnt been topped or fimmed. I was late to start working with this one. She sat in cloner only recieving water for a month as a seedling waiting for space. When i transplanted she was about a foot tall and spindley. I gave it a few days to get acclimated to nutrients and started the lst process. At first i literally just bent her over as far as i possibly could and went in about a week or so and tied down the new growth in an even pattern directing lowest branches opposite my top on a flat plain. Then after a another week i removed the bottom 2 nodes on every branch and every shoot and repeated this for about a month before i flipped. So all in all she was about 80 days at flip. Then i realized how screwed i was in the lst game and Scrog became the only viable option with this beast. I would have begun the netting process sooner had i realized this was the route i was going to take.

I really wish there was a video upload option. I have so much excellent footage.

Fox Farm trio hydro full lineup
NPK Raw Silica
S44 ionboard
Ac Infinity 4x4 complete


Beautiful work. You are a natural. :clap:t2:


Is that one plant? Nice


27 gal tote (10 gallon root zone), 8" netpot bucket lid, rockwool starter cube, Arqlite Smart Gravel media, 6" disc airstones x3

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Looks great. Fantastic job! Keep us posted please. I’ll be watching.


My AC Infinity supplemental lights finally came in. Got em installed and programmed right before lights out. Ill seek out the spots that could benefit the most tomorrow.


Slight defoliation today…well in the process of defoliation anyway. The back of this tent is gonna be the death of me i swear. Its absolutley over run with flower and leaves. Future Scrogs will not be last second decisions.

Sugar leaves and newer fans are starting to get frosty already and the smell has ramped up a little bit since last night. This shit is gonna be so loud and greasy.

I noticed the first signs of tip burn today so i dialed back my EC .2 running at 1.8 EC currently. Ph remains stable at 5.8 - (6.0) - 6.2

Day 15 flower/Day 26 12/12
Ppfd 950-1050 s44 ionboard
Ppfd 650 s11 led bars (lower canopy)
Rh 55%
78°F tent
70°F reservoir
1.8 EC
5.8 PH


Looks great bro! Nice canopy filling!!

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@Freebirdmikes thanks man.

I didnt. I just bent the tops lower than the lateral growth and directed new growth where i wanted it.

Again i apologize for not having many pics up to this point.

Here is a journal i started that will cover everything as i go, if youd like to follow along.

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Thats what I do with my net. Keep canopy even.

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Moved the s11 ionbeams to the edge of the canopy to make up for some lost ppfd. Getting 1k to 1.1k now up from around 650 to 750.


Gorgeous :clap:t2:


Nice work Grow Bro! Excellent looking canopy :love_you_gesture: