First time scrog for me


I picked up earlier in the thread that you were NOT a newbie. I might not have said it right, but what I meant was, if you’ve got good lights and keep your pH in range, everything else can be done to accommodate the grower. I have a large area to work with, and have it set up for ME.
Some people have small spaces where they would have to do something totally different. I found out on my first grow that the light I built, although pulling an actual 960w from the wall, wasn’t worth diddly squat for growing weed. It would grow fine, just crummy fluffy buds. It was CFL. Made many such mistakes, but have learned from them, and most important, haven’t bought weed in a couple of years


Just like you said earlier about the size of the opening in the screens. It really doesn’t matter.


Yeah lol i just hope i can make mine look as good as your an @hillcrest21678, again thanks for your input can’t ever have to much info👍


I totally agree. I learn something new every day


Here is where i will be posting weekly pics of my first scrog which means you will also get to see my girl i am running in the 2019 growoff that starts jan1st @Are


@ACK here is my thread up top is my tent setup



First weekly pick


The waiting game. Set to watching. Good luck!


Week two from seeds dirt nap



@Spiney_norman here is what i will be working on the next few months


I will keep watch. Hope it goes perfect.


16 days from seeds dirt nap


@Rick4 seen your in Oklahoma fixing to start growing, i taged you to my thread so you can follow along i am also in Oklahoma been growing for years but doing indoor dwc for only the last 5 years an loving every minute of it


@JoshawaM hi if it helps I like to scrog I go in a grow tent which I think is roughly 6ft well it’s a 240x120x200 I normally do 4 plants under it but doing five this time still in seedling stage a week old
anyway I like to set screen roughly about 8 inch above the base of my plants but as @Grandaddy013 says you make it your own personal grow so if you want to set it higher then do it, I find once I finished tucking and tie down and stretch is done I have enough room to set lights and still be able to raise them a foot and half if need to be
anyhow good look with your scrog I wish you all the best


Thanks @g-reg mine is 3x3 an i am planning on running this one and my growoff canidate at the same time i was thinking 8 inches above net pot to start…but being my first scrog love any an all input, i couldn’t imagine trying to do more dwc grows in a scrog at a time than these two lol i don’t use a water pump an don’t have a resevor seperate of my plant so wrestling with 2 dwc tied up in a net sounds like a pain in the ass for my first run lol so we will hope i don’t f it up coming up with a better scrog net an net pot setup that won’t cause me as much trouble as this first time will go…it’s going to be a hassle I’m sure…do you dirt grow or hydro?


An as far as head space for moving lights i have over 2 feet so I’m not much worried about that just changing my buckets nutes without breaking my girls tied into the net is my trick lol


@JoshawaM Put something under your buckets to raise them up. That way you can remove the bucket to swap out for a fresh pre-mixed bucket. The plant would only hang long enough for the swap.


Got something under bucket but can the upper part hold the net pot up?