First time purchaser of ILGM - Patriot Mix pack- Review- Grow - Porny - Vic - Australia

Hi Everybody, I am just putting my grow on display as a first time Purchaser and new to the ILGM community…

I Purchased the Patriot Mix pack online and it came swiftly and with no hassles.

It was nearing the end of my outdoor grow season hear in Melbourne Australia… I had grown a great sativa ( Strain unsure of) and a bangin hybrid (also unsure of strain) I had a few complications along the way with bud rot towards the end of the hybrid and some sort of disease or nut burn… pics to follow…

Any way 4/20 was a great success during this pandemic lockdown… I have plenty of flower and had made butters, coco oil, tinctures, BHO and all the edibles I could think of using those as bases… yum!

So with the end of the out door season I decided to go Indoors with my new genetics… I purchased a tent, some ventilation equipment, some ballasts and cool tubes, already had hps bulbs from a few years ago delving into indoor/hydo/aquaponics… got fans and timers and the whole kit bells and whistles …

So I got 1 seed of each strain sour d, ak 47 , bubble gum, and goldleaf …did my normal seed soak but only the sour diesel sprung a tail and the other 3 didnt… thats ok though as I know ILGM have the germination guarantee… so at some stage I will ask for a replacement once I run out of seeds and can count and report what seeds didn’t geminate.

Stoked to have Sour Diesel in my collection now! I remember going to New York and buying some from my air bnb host and fell in love with the diesel smell and high… So when I researched seed banks that have sour d available in Australia I jumped for joy.

So I planted my seedling on April 20 , 2020 and decided to go the mainline method but my own version… its a double mainline hehehe… will show in pics… I have taken 6 clones from it and just waiting for them to root. I have never been very successful with cloning so I m trying a few different methods . Just water, just water with rooting gel, cutting soil with a rooting gel. fingers crossed they all root! will keep you all updated.

My system for Veg right now is a 400w Hps digi ballast with a cool tube and 400 w phillips hps bulb, I have a 4’ inline fan that is connected to a carbon filter extracting internal air of the tent blowing it through the cool tube and exhausted to outside of tent, I also have 4’ fan at the bottom opposite end introducing new fresh air into the tent, with a 150mm oscillating fan blowing over the top of my Beautiful SOUR DIESL. My sour diesel is in a plastic pot ( though after doing some reading and research am opting for my clones to go into a fabric pot next grow cycle) of soil that I make my own super soil, sitting on top of a 200 litre reservoir that top feeds it 2 in 24 hours and that recirculates back into the reservoir that has 2 x water pumps to circulate the water 2 x 12’ stone aerators 1 x pump for top feeding.

Let me know what you guys think!

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G’day fellow gromie ,from down south :call_me_hand: awesome looking outdoor sativa ,my bro grew 3 monster sativas this year but was a long hard season the weather was shit house ,my outdoor was pretty good too went with black dog Kush very tasty an trichomes where all time
I’ve been baking up a storm too with all this time off from lock downs :call_me_hand::call_me_hand: I ended up investing in the magical butter machine it works a treat for oils but I still find my own crafted butter is better
Good luck going indoors looks like a nice little set up image000000_5 outdoor pic 2020


Hay Aussieorganic! that outdoor shot looks epic! wish I had that space to do that too! I am a big fan of organic live soil / outdoor grows. I am only about 7 years deep in my own grows and still experimenting with different grow techniques and strains, environments, medias etc … Thanks for stopping in and saying G’day… Hope to have a nice lil network of like minded folks on here.


Fatt big nugs, looks like nug heaven lol ,yeah it’s cool to actually speak to other like minded folks, always good to keep learning new tricks an compare grows

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I am also a serious diesel lover. That high octane fuel is just the best. Also OG Kush is a good gassy one to try. Some phenos show u just why diesel is its progeny.

Those buds are effing amazing! Wow… best of luck. And im set to watching.

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Hello there PurpNGold74 ! yeh it had me at first sniff ! looking forward to try out OG Kush some day too… There is a few strains that I would love to try to grow… Afgani, Skunk variations, durbin poison , ahh man so many to name really… there is this one I recently came across called freak show… resembles ferns leaves… Hope ILGM gets the genetics and is able to add it to there catalog… Stay tuned… feel free to share any joys and pains with me on your ventures too…

Nice plants fellas and welcome to the forum, I’m from South Aussie.


Hay ya’ Frosty buds great to see fellow Aussie’s on the forums :wink:

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Great job @Houman! From Fraser Coast area in Qld. Had great success cloning in straight water last summer (around late October to late November). Just sat the cutting in a shot glass of tap water on my back deck - only got early morning and late afternoon light. But yeah… Melbourne weather is another story! New to indoor growing myself - just received Gorilla Grow fem seeds from ILGM and waiting on some light assembly. Best of luck!

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Hay Baz4 :v:t4: Yeh Im just getting some lil nubs after nearly 2 weeks now… still very stoked its worked!

If you have the money you should look into cmh for lighting… apparently less power and more spectrum of natural light… and can veg and flower with one bulb…

That’s going to be my next upgrade :wink:

Keep us in the loop of your grow and if you’re ever in melbourne say g’day :sunglasses:

I am from Melb too! Hopefully my grow is as successful as yours! Good work


Hay diz ! fellow melbournite ! thanks for the props… I am still learning and in all honesty its mother nature that does all the work really… I just do what I can to help… If you ever run out of lovely nug just hit me up ! stay safe diz.

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Hey mate, not sure how to DM?
Very keen on knowing more on making edibles and perhaps exchanges some fruits of labour!

No private messages on the free side my friend. Its for all of our safety. There are more then a few threads on edibles and recipes. @blackthumbbetty actually started a pretty good one.


Update :blush: week 1 into flower !
Live soil, main line 16 heads , 600 w hps ,


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Gorgeous! I love a good mainline

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Hunkering in for the next 6 weeks because we are headed back into lockdown :triumph: actually loving it… all the time to look after my lovely ladies…

Here is some progress

Flower room week 3-4 beautiful flowers starting to form :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Veg/ clone / mother room
4 x clones of SD from the 16 headed dragon :dragon: that I have now mainlined and a mother that im low stress training for the long run…

Week 2-3 into flowering the 16 headed dragon I took shit loads of clones and now they are rooting well … its on !

Thanks ILGM :love_you_gesture:t4::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Well time has come… happy as with my purchase! Sour Diesel lives it up! Love it!
Pulled just over 13 oz off 1 sour diesel seed… and have taken cutting and made a mother to keep the strain around a bit longer… : D thank ILGM and patrons for following this post or liking it… hope all is well… happy dayz…


Nice harvest mate.

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Cheers Frosty! Hope all is well!