First time outside grower


So, after 32 years of life I’ve decided to grow my own stress relief. The weekend I received and germinated my seeds I got off of ILGM it’s rainy and 55 in new england decided to line them up in the 75 degrees house and a picture window. Decent sunlight all day. Have 20 ( 10 female 10 regular) in starter soil ( 20oz solo cups) and feel like I’m over my head. Yet it’s go big or go home ( not too worried) showing 7 days of sun in the next week. Going on day 2 of soil and crossing my fingers.

I do have one sprouted that I planted searching for impatiently waiting for the mail man lol it’s about 3 inches showed life on weds.

Pictures coming soon


You’ll do alright granted it can get to be a tad bit stressful with that many but your in great hands here


Your bay window isn’t going to last you very long at all.
I sugguest that you find a room that will hold 20 plants that need no less than 2 square feet to grow in. 20 plants = 40 sq. ft or a room that’s no less than 50 sq. ft. pluss you’ll need lights that you haven’t got wright ?




I figured a few probably won’t sprout and a few of the reg seeds will get tossed as males. Hoping for at least 10 in the end lol

The window was pretty much a quick thing with the cold rainy weekend. Moving them back outside asap. Looking at 70’s and 80’s for the week coming up. Have a good spot picked out.


@bruinsfan33 That’s good cause you got alot going on there…lol



We have sprouts!! More then I thought lol. As of right now I have 18 that popped. Ones has been for a week and a half. The others are ILGM (17 out of 20) Thanks !! Looking at days and days of sun.

5 strawberry kush
5 afghan
7 - 10 Durban


Thank you ILGM 19-20 sprouted. Already feeling impatient, thinking about ordering some 6 week auto’s to hold me over. Any suggestions? Leaning towards White Widow or cheese.


Either or both of those autos would be great! If you have height restrictions go with the WW


Ended up going with WW . Probably be back on here when those start germinating lol thanks.


Day 12 since germ.


You are going for a forest, I like it. I’m trying to go big with my 1st time as well. Going for like 12 plants


Go big or go home lol after starting off with 19 have about 12 going strong. Hoping for the summer weather to start soon. Rainy and 50° here right now. Want to get them back outside tomorrow.


I feel you. I’m hoping to grow enough meds so hopefully I don’t have to spend a dime for at least 6 months. I’ve got 7 out of 10 ww auto at about 4-5 days each and 9 seedlings bag seed growing and 2 clones.that’s 18 going at once. It was getting out of control so I had to build a little side Garden with some privacy. I will tag you to my grow journal


That’s quite the collection going lol I have some WW autos that should be arriving any day now. Will have to make a separate journal for them.


After almost a week of overcast and rain. The ladies (hopefully all three, one was a reg bean) are seeing some sun. On the left strawberry, Afghan and Durban. Waiting on some WW autos to arrive and get started. Something to hold me off before the Photos are done :sunglasses: :seedling: :mushroom:


Those look good


Day 30 from seed . 92℉ in new England





After a little rain and their first time topped. Starting Fox farm liquids Monday. Need to pick up some food grade diatomaceous earth today. Seen a few little holes in one.


What size pots you got?


@bruinsfan33 what happened to the others? I only see three now?