First time outside grower St Louis, Missouri

Hello everyone,
After my first failed attempt at in growing indoors (a dirty man had his way with the lady plants) I decided to chuck a seed into a pot around April time.
If any of you have experience growing in Missouri can you tell me when you usually harvest?

Here’s a pic of the plant.

Thanks I’m advance


She is still building with all those white pistols my friend, wait until they pretty much orange, there is no set harvest, each plant is different. Looks good tho, keep up the good work


How long has she been in flower for now?

I’d say you have until early November.

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Im in your area and likely be mid october before theyre ready. You may need to bag them overnite when there going to be frost.

You’ll definitely have to go as long as you can which in Missouri will probably be the first to mid November.

Arrrghhh, 1 thing led to another, I ended up harvesting mid-October mostly due my lack of patience. Anyway, I was desperate to try it, I couldn’t stop thinking about it, I had to try it even if it wasn’t completely dry. I grabbed a bud, broke it up, popped it in the pipe. My fingers were so sticky it was gross, I didn’t particularly like the smell either. It was like a damp earthy; I don’t have the words but it was nasty. Anyway, I burn and pull… This was so smooth; I didn’t have the slightest burn on my throat. The exhale tasted amazing. About 10 seconds after the exhale - BOOOOOM, I swear this just hits you like a stone hitting the floor, I can only compare this to the first time I ever got high.

Why is it so strong? I smoke 25% THCa daily and my stuff blows that stuff out of the water. I’m laughing right now just thinking about the strength. Will it stay this strong? I’m planting my max allowed next year, I think it’s 6 or maybe 12 plants.

Side note
Trimming the plant has to be the most boring back breaking work. Not looking forward to doing that with multiple plants next year.

Thanks all for your help.


When we had that cold couple of nights a few weeks back, I decided to chop. It turned out great.


Forgot to say;

I got just over 4oz of bud.